Manipur truck burnt in Dimapur
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network

Dimapur, June 04 2010: A truck with Manipur registration number was set on fire by some people in the outskirts of Dimapur along the National High 39 this evening while three others were damaged.

Dimapur police said that four Manipur based trucks with 'On Army Duty' label pasted on their wind-shields were coming along with the 16th Assam Rifles from Manipur side when the trucks were attacked with catapults and stones by some youths at a place called 5th Mile towards Dimapur at around 5 pm.

The wind-shields of the vehicles were damaged in the attack.

As the attack on on, the security forces convoy halted at the place.

In no time a huge number of people conglomerated at the area.

And in this chaotic moments some youths set on fire on one of the trucks.

However, the intervention from the fire brigades prevented the trucks from being burnt down completely.

The four trucks are now being brought to the custody of the Diphupar police station in the outskirt of Dimapur.

No one has claimed responsibilty for the act.

It is worth noting that the Naga Students' Federation (NSF) has been imposing the ban on the Manipur vehicles in Nagaland since May 3 after the Manipur police commandos prevented the NSF leaders from entering Manipur.

The NSF said that the ban will continue so long as the Manipur government tender an apology for the May 3 act.