Five trucks gutted, two escape with partial damage
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 04 2010: In yesterday's late night attack of Imphal bound trucks stranded beyond Khuzuma police check post on the Nagaland side, severe damages were caused to at least five trucks while two trucks saved from the arson.

SDO, Linda Soro at Khuzama who inspected the site where the trucks were torched, has expressed suspicion of NCSN(IM) who were angry with not allowing its leader to enter Manipur behind the arson act.

Around 15 miscreants coming on vans started torching the five trucks around 11 pm at the place on the stretch of the NH-39.The trucks stranded owing to the blockade imposed by the ANSAM which coincided imposition of prohibitions under section 144 of CrPC in the move to prevent Muivah entering the state.

Before the attack on the trucks, a local body in Nagaland's Khuzuma, Angami Public Organization had demanded "immediate removal" of all Manipuri trucks stranded under the organization's jurisdiction particularly at Khuzama village as reported in some newspapers published in the state.

The six ill-fated trucks (NL01-7A-1408, MN01-6444, MN01-5615, MN04-1266, MN04A-4099 and MN03T-0014) parking on the stretch of the NH-39 between Soma and Khuzuma villages in Nagaland were set on fire by pouring petrol by the miscreants who came into Maruti vans, eyewitness accounts said.

Except the truck NL01-1408, others trucks were Manipur.

The truck with Nagaland registration no.loaded with cement belongs to one Nayar Choudury of Dimapur Purana Bazar.

The truck MN01-6444 loaded with transport items belongs to one Om Prakash Agarwal of Orissa presently residing at Khoyathong and driven by one Amumacha, MN01-5615 with its driver Yaima belongs to Gaffer of Lilong Haoreibi Mayai Leikai, the iron bar loaded MN04-1266 truck with its driver Gyneshwor belongs to one Lokeshwor, driven by one Inao, MN04A-4099 carrying mineral water and totally damaged in the arson belongs to one Manitomba while the truck MN03T-0014 loaded with mango juice belongs to one Dijen and driven by one Indrajit.

Trucks were severely damaged along with the goods they carry before the Nagaland police at Khuzuma check post rushed and doused the fire.

Eyewitness accounts said that some of the miscreants have small arms in their hands and they threatened the drivers before burning down the vehicles putting guns in their heads.

Later, Nagaland police escorted over 300 loaded trucks stranded there and handed over to the Manipur police who escorted back to Imphal.

The trucks reached Imphal in the early morning without any further untoward incident on the way.

The burning of the vehicles was amidst the prevailing high tensions in Naga dominated hill districts particularly in Senapati and Ukhrul districts since the last three days when Manipur police and security forces fortified all the entry gates from Nagaland to Manipur in order to implement government decision to prevent Muivah from entering the state.

And on the day which the Angami Public Organization demand for "immediate removal" of all Manipuri trucks stranded under the organization's jurisdiction particularly at Khuzama village as reported in some section of newspapers published in Nagaland.

The APO put up the demand expressing strong resentment on the part of Manipur government imposing of 144 CrPC in Mao Naga areas and "ban of Nagas traveling across the interstate political boundary and the harassment made to passengers traveling around by the Manipuri police personals" .

"Any untoward incident arising out, neither the organization nor its people should be held accountable, they warned in its press release, the news report added.