People turned into beggars: AMADA
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 02 2010: The All Manipur Anti-Drug Association (AMADA) has lamented that the people of Manipur have been turned into beggars forcing them to stand in long queues over day and night on the road side for petrol, diesel and LPG.

People are compelled to stand for hours together holding carrybags in their hands for a few kgs of rice behind trucks on the roads.

In a press release, E Debeshwor Meetei, Publicity and Propaganda, AMADA drew the attention of the governemnt to bring the situation back to normal.

Otherwise, the AMADA would be prepared to launch intensed agitation.

The press release said that the peace talk between the NSCN(IM) and the Government of India whichhas been going on for over a decade has brought less peace and more unrest in Manipur.

It has retarded developmental activities.

The peace process has further worsened the law and order situation in the state.

The talk has caused bloodshed among the indigeneus people in the region and caused loss of right to life.

E Debeshwor further stated that the NSCN(IM) General Secretary, Th Muivah's hidden agenda is to weaken the strength of indigenous communities so as to derail the effort of establishing a self sustaining society.

He said that Manipur was a self sufficient land.

However, it has now turned into a place where the people are forced to become beggars by a mere issue.

Debeshwor further asserted that time has come for all to toil hard to escape from dependancy and appealed to all shun liquor brewing which is major factor of misusing rice in the state.

The statement lamented that owing to the propose visit of NSCN(IM) General Secretary Th.Muivah, the people of Manipur are forced to survive on the mercy of items trickled through NH-53 and air droppings.