AR refutes allegations
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 28 2010: Reacting to newsreports published in some Imphal-based newspapers, the PIB (DW) has said that no one from the party of CAF & PD Minister Y Erabot had approached the Assam Rifles for help.

A press release from PIB (DW) said, it has been reported that Assam Rifles personnel at Noney refused to extend help to persons of the Minister's party, whose jeep had been seized by miscreants in the area.

The press release clarified that no personnel of Assam Rifles were approached for any assistance by the CAF & PD Minister's party.

There was also no prior intimation given to the Army or Assam Rifles of the Minister's visit to Nonei.

If any assistance had been sought, it would have been promptly provided.

A number of reports have also been published in newspapers suggesting that the first convoy of trucks carrying supplies on NH-53 on 21 and 22 May 10, moved with only minimal security.

This is incorrect.

Detailed planning for the move of convoy was carried out in conjunction with the State Police and other departments.

Large number of BSF and CRPF personnel were deployed for road opening while troops of three Assam Rifle Battalions provided area domination and Quick Reaction Teams.

It was this joint effort by all Security Forces, who were on the road, without any rest, for over 48 hours, which ensured that essential supplies reached Imphal with minimum problems.

Any report which throws doubt on the sincerity of Assam Rifle units does grave injustice to the extremely difficult task that they are engaged in to provide security and assistance along NH-53 so that essential commodities reach the people of Manipur.

This task is done with total impartiality.