NSCN-K says, no war against Manipur
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network

Dimapur, May 26 2010: NSCN-K or GPRN/NSCN said that it would like to reassure "our neighbours" that there is no question of Naga people going to war against Manipur state government.

The NSCN-K said that Mao Gate incident is a reminder that big talks and violence, more often than not, backfires.

"Those insisting on forceful entry to Manipur state should be held solely responsible for the loss of two precious lives on May 6 at Mao Gate.

The emotional spillover in the name of Nagas was enforced when calmness and diplomatic air was needed at the hour.

NSCN-K leader N Kitovi Zhimomi addressing media-persons at Dimapur

The blood was real but the entire incident was stage managed, programmed and executed solely aimed at creating raw emotional passage for Th.Muivah into Manipur state.

The attempt to label the incident as Naga-Manipur clash is outrageous.

The two state Governments of Nagaland and Manipur should ensure that people living in the two states coexist through mutual understanding and brotherhood.

Nagas would sacrifice thousands and more if it is needed to achieve their self determination from the occupational forces but Naga political solution is neither at Mao gate nor at Somdal in Manipur," said the NSCN-K.Meanwhile, the NSCN-K said that GPRN/NSCN or NSCN-K "Ato Kilonser" (Prime Minister) N.Kitovi Zhimomi and "Gen" Khole Konyak, "Commander-in-Chief", Naga Army, met the Naga Hoho on May 20, at designated "Camp Khehoi" off Dimapur, wherein, the genesis of factionalism, GPRN's stand on the Indo-Naga political conflict, peace, reconciliation and Naga unity and other aspects of the future were shared in a very accommodative manner.

The Mao gate fiasco and the Naga Hoho declaration of 8th May were also deliberated upon.

"On May 22, two days after the Naga Hoho delegation met with the GPRN/NSCN leaders, the same inflammatory declaration was reaffirmed by the Naga Hoho at Kohima.

Of the seventeen tribes in the state of Nagaland, only six tribes endorsed the view of Naga Hoho.

It clearly shows very little cohesion and acknowledgment in Nagaland state.

When political circuses such as the one at Mao gate are orchestrated from time to time, instead of being pushed around by Mr.A, B or C, Naga Hoho is expected to play decisive role and lead the people in the interest of the Nagas.

The Naga Hoho erred in its judgment by allowing itself to be dictated.

Its vision and pursuit should not be limited to some Bangkok hotel room or a small corridor at Nagaland-Manipur boundary.

Its bounden duty is to preserve and promote friendly ties within the Naga family and with the neighbors," the GPRN/NSCN or NSCN-K said.

GPRN/NSCN or NSCN-K then appeals to entire Naga people spread across Burma, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur not to be misled by publicity stunt played out at Mao gate recently.

All sections of people must realize that political arrangements which could be arrived at, in future, at an opportune time through correct political steps and approaches, based on Naga historical right and people-to-people's dialogue.

"Neighbourly relations must not be destroyed by a faction's premature and hazardous political ambition.

It is most practical and logical to point out that until a political solution resulting from unity of all groups, giving due importance to Naga areas in other states, is arrived at with agreed terms and conditions, the present artificial boundaries will not easily vanish.

A political solution with present Nagaland state at the core, encompassing all critical issues, including artificial boundaries, within a time frame would be sought as and when GPRN/NSCN enters into dialogue with government of India," it added.