DPP finally picks up ‘axe’
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 21: The DPP has adopted the axe as its party symbol and will fight the 8th Assembly election under this symbol.

The joint State Chief Electoral Officer has approved the use of the symbol today.

Earlier the symbol allotted to DPP was ‘A woman carrying a pot’.

But it was cancelled by the ECI following objections from Karnataka and DPP later chose the axe.

Presenting the party’s symbol to the people today DPP president Khaidem Mani said the axe is a “time honored implement of mankind that symbolizes peace, development and war of mankind since pre-historic time”.

Stating that the symbol manifests the DPP’s conviction that the need of the hour is the reconstruction of Manipur which will usher in development and ensure peace amongst its people.

Mani said that efforts have to be mounted on a war footing to transform Manipur.

Mani further sad that DPP has received many feelers from multinational companies to invest in Manipur which will generate employment and lead to the prosperity of the state.

This can be realized if DPP secures power, the president said.

Regarding the sensitization of HIV/AIDS issues among the politicians, Mani said that it was the involvement of political bigwigs and also patronage that encouraged drug trafficking in Manipur which is mainly responsible for the spread of the disease.