If Manipur is divided, state will break away from India, warns UCM
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 18 2010: The United Committee Manipur today warned that if the Government of India tries to disintegrate the territory of Manipur, the state will break away from the Indian Union even as rallies and sit-in demonstrations against the proposed visit of Th Muivah, now deferred, are continuing in various places of the state today also.

Speaking at a public meeting held at THAU Ground, Thangmeiband today, president of the UCM, Yumnamcha Dilip strongly charged the government of India of spewing venoms to the people of the state who are living together in harmony since time immemorial to disunite them.

Hundreds of people from all works of life including people from Kabui community converged from different directions with rallies shouting slogans against Muivah and GoI responsible for the unrestness situation of the state took part in the meeting.

A large number of women took out a protest rally against the insidious plan of GOI to divide Manipur's territorial integrity on Tuesday in Imphal

If the GoI tries to break the territorial integrity of the state, UCM with people of the state will rise up voice to disintegrate from the Indian Union, Dilip warned speaking on the occasion.

People of the state are no more fool.

That was why no misunderstanding was created among the people of the state when Muivah planned to enter into the state in the name of visiting his birthplace.

This should be acknowledged by GoI and NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah, he added.

If today's generation could not protect the territory of the state drawn by the blood of "our forefather" who fought even with the mighty British Emperor, it will be meaningless for the Manipuris to live in this world.

When they could not convinced rebel leader Muivah to install as Chief Minister of Nagaland to end his arm struggle, leaders of the GoI, on thinking that if he be installed as Chief Minister by creating South Nagaland, is sending Muivah to the state, he went on to allege.

Leaders of GoI think that there is no harm in creating South Nagaland by breaking Manipur having its own history of more than two thousand year as it would be within the Indian Union, he observed.

Advisor of the UCM, RK Ranendrajit who also spoke at length at the meeting criticized the effort of state government of airlifting of essential commodities as like that of distribution of some exercise books by the Army as part of its Civic Action Programme to draw people's attention toward them.

Giving permission to Muivah to visit the state while the state is preparing for District Council election is also a nice hidden policy of the GoI which people of the people need to find out and understand.

At the concluding part of the meeting, the gathering people marched a rally which police attempted to block which resulted to a heated argument between the rallyists and police.

Rallyists, however, force to march the rally upto DM College.

Muivah, if you want peace, choose the path of peace, said a banner displayed at a sit-in demonstration at Top Khewa Bazar by the womenfolk of the area under the banner of the Moirangkampu in Imphal east district written.

In the evening, a torch rally was also marched on the streets in the surrounding area of Top Khwa Bazar and burnt down effigy of Th Muivah by shouting slogans against his proposed visit in the state.

Another rally participated by people of different communities was also marched at Uripok with the slogans like "Let live in harmony, we want peace not war, women want peace not war," etc in the placards carried by the rallyists.