CM joins condemnation chorus
Source: The Sangai Express

Impal, Jul 12: Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, FPM legislator L Ibomcha and BJP MLA M Bhorot have also joined the condemnation chorus on the incident of some student organisations burning BSEM-prescribed text books in the hill districts.

While the CM termed the matter as delicate but nevertheless assuring fitting action against the student activists if the situation goes out of hand the BJP legislator described the action as handiwork of some inconsiderate elements having no concern for the future and welfare of the student community.

While terming the burning of the text books as a delicate issue, O Ibobi Singh said the government is closely monitoring the matter and has also worked out modalities to stabilize it.

Under the aegis of Ansam, Naga students, pursuing affiliation of schools in Naga dominated districts of Manipur to Nagaland school education board in connection with the former's non-cooperation movement against the state, burnt thousands of textbooks at various areas on July 10. "We are closely monitoring the matter and as of now no immediate action is being initiated against the student activists but if the situation worsens and the burning spree continues then fitting action would be taken as per rule of the law," affirmed the CM on the sidelines of the passing out parade of the India Reserve Battalion at Manipur police training school, today.

Responding to a query the cM informed that chief secretary Jarnail Singh is in constant touch with his Nagaland counterpart to bring about a settlement on the matter.

He also disclosed that as per statutory norms of Nagaland education board textbooks prescribed by it are meant for Nagaland state only.

Pointing out that it would be practically impossible for Manipuri students to learn Nagaland board textbooks, he also construed that through intimidation and coercive methods burning of text books took place in the four districts of Senapati, Tamenglong, Ukhrul and Chandel.

The student leaders, however, had categorically stated that Naga organisations or student activists never issued any sort of threat to the school authorities in adopting Nagaland board texts and that it was done only after consent of the school authorities to expedite Naga's self-determination process.

In press statement issued today, Keishamthong MLA L Ibomcha quoted the Nagaland Board of Secondary and Higher Education Act 1973 and an amended version of the same in 1990 clearly outlining that text books prescribed by it should be extended to the 'whole of the State of Nagaland'.

pointing out that Nagaland board text books as defined by the Act should be confined to its own boundary, the MLA further explained that in case educational institutions prefers to adopt CBSE text books respective States have little to argue on the matter as CBSE comes under the Central Government and its provisions applicable in any part of the country.

However, in case Nagaland Govt wish to extend text books prepared by it consent of the Central Govt is essential, he cited.

Contending that activities of the student organisations pursuing adoption of Nagaland board text is illegal and deserves appropriate action under relevant law the former Law Minister also prevailed upon the Central and State Governments that its is their responsibility to prevent any act that could strain relationships between the hill and valley people of the State.

Meanwhile, BJP legislator M Bhorot dismissed the burning of Manipur-board text books as actions of certain elements who neither have anything to do with education nor are willing to toil harder in order to improve their deficient academic quality.

Taking grim note on burning of text books in some hill district areas, the MLA maintained that the incident is a loss for the entire society and would certainly create confusion among the masses.

He also observed that consigning to flame books that enriches knowledge and historical details is no different from severing ties from humanity and challenging religious principle.

Mooting that no individual or group desirous of developing cerebral capacity of the growing minds would be a party to such conduct, Bhorot fervently appealed to all concerned to abhor such activities in the interest of the student community.

He also desired that State authorities act in accordance to the situation rather than remain like a muted spectator.