Leaders of ANSAM, UNC to be declared as 'Wanted' soon
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 05 2010: State police is likely to declare some leaders of ANSAM and UNC behind the imposition of economic blockade on the national highways as "Wanted Persons" with a case award of Rs 1 lakh each within the next few days, most possibility on Monday.

A highly reliable source said that police department is processing for declaring them as "Wanted Persons" as a follow up to DGP's assurance given in court of the Gauhati High Court, Imphal Bench on Friday.

Police on Tuesday last have taken up two suo-motu cases against the members of the All Naga Students Association Manipur (ANSAM) and the United Naga Council (UNC) under sections 171-C/431/440/120-B of IPC and 8-BNH Act 1956.One of the cases taken at Sekmai police station related with the imposition of economic blockade on the NH-39 and 53 while the other one was taken up at Patsoi police station for imposing on the NH-53, an official source said.

The cases accused members of ANSAM and UNC of causing mischief rendering manmade famine and scarcity of necessary items.

The acts intimidated and forfeited the right of life of the people of the state.

Members of the two bodies not only causing disturbances on the movement of essential items and vehicular traffics on the NH-39 and 53, they also forcibly stopped movement of government officials engaged in development and maintenance of roads, officials on election duty etc.

by damaging roads, dig up pitch and erecting physical barriers on the roads.

Police has taken up the process for declaring members of ANSAM and UNC in a follow up to the DGP, Y Joykumar's assurance in the court yesterday that all possible steps including declaring of ANSAM's president, David Choro as proclaim offender and also for declaring him as a "Wanted Person" with prize on his head will be taken up within a week so as to produce him before the court.

Following the assurance given in the court, state police is learnt to have taken up steps to declare David Choro and other members of ANSAM and UNC as proclaimed offender and as wanted person.

Police is likely to make announcement to the effect to the local and national dailies as wanted person with necessary procedures, most likely on Monday next.