Shed ethno-exclusive ideology : UNLF-IV
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 01 2010: Observing that the denial of the Home Ministry about granting any permission to Th Muivah to visit Somdal without consent of the Government of Manipur while conveniently forgetting its earlier instruction to the State Government to provide security for Manipur part of Muivah's itinerary, the UNLF asserted that such doublespeak of New Delhi appeared to be mollifying the Meiteis but it was actually infuriating the Nagas.

This was a ploy to set the two communities against each other.

The Government of India were closely examining all possible means to ignite a communal conflict between the Nagas and the Meiteis out of Muivah's wish to visit his native village and other places.

Neither the situation of Manipur nor the economic blockade figured in the talk between Government of India and NSCN-IM held at Kohima on June 1 because India was expecting a blood-bath when the people of Manipur, unable to tolerate any more, rose up against the prolonged blockade.

This was a discernible hint that the Government of India tacitly approved the blockade of all Manipur bound vehicles in Naga dominated areas.

Buying the doublespeak of India, Muivah exerted all kinds of pressure on New Delhi to allow him entry into Manipur.

With the question of Nagalim still remaining elusive, Muivah has some hard feelings against India.

However furious Muivah may be against the Govt of India, the NSCN-IM leadership dare not walk out from the peace-talk, the UNLF asserted.

The Government of India is also well aware that the NSCN-IM has neither courage nor will to re-launch a war.

Again, the Government of India has been saying that the demand for a Naga exclusive State or Nagalim within the Indian Union can be considered.

At the same time, New Delhi ruled out any possibility of re-arranging the boundaries of the Northeastern States.

These contradictory statements only exposed that India intended to sustain the conflict resulting from the question of Nagalim.

That was why, Indian remained a mute spectator even as the blockades on national highways were more than two months old, the outfit alleged.

The UNLF further appreciated the mature reaction of the people of Manipur to the agenda set by the Government of India and its cohorts which was to ignite a chain of killings and revenge killings.

Even as the people of Manipur made vehement protest against Th Muivah's and New Delhi's overt and covert plans, no particular community was targeted or abused.

The highly mature reaction of the people, rather than being swayed or overcome by emotion, was a victory over the alien rulers and their cohorts, it remarked.

The UNLF further appealed to the people to be wary of any next absurd agenda that may be taken up by the NSCN-IM which has lost its way in the course of the peace-talk.

The UNLF always stands against communal violence and it has been working to avoid any such ugly situation.

However, UNLF would fight against India and their collaborators with all its strength and resources for the sake of the people, if it is compelled.

For this, the Manipur People's Army are all prepared, it declared.