Debendra hopeful of Speaker's judgement
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 14 2010: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Thoudam Debendra has expressed optimism that the Speaker would exercise his sagacity and arrive at a judicious decision over the issue of resignation of Naga Independent MLAs.

In the Assembly session today, Debendra, while observing that the ongoing Budget session of the Assembly is a very important session, recalled that during discussion of demands on the first day of the session, veteran Parliamentarian and Opposition member O Joy had raised the point of order to find out whether the Speaker has given his assent to the resignation of the seven Naga Independent MLAs or not.

Consequently, the issue of allowing the seven Naga Independent MLAs to attend the Assembly session if the Speaker has not accepted the resignation papers or not came about.

Debendra said that he felt there was nothing wrong with the decision placed by the Speaker on the House that the matter related to resignation of seven Naga Independent MLAs needs to be examined further so as to ascertain whether the resignation was voluntarily and genuine or otherwise.

''Since the Speaker is there to make the correct judgement, I hope, he would surely exercise his sagacity and reveal the truth of the matter'', Debendra said while drawing the attention of the Speaker.