UNLF endorses Manipur govt stand on Muivah's visit
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 29 2010: Contd from previous issue .

The statement further maintained that it is the principle of the UNLF to fight collectively for peaceful coexistence, common development and restoration of sovereignty in the north eastern region along with various ethnic groups.

Despite differences among different ethnic groups inhabiting in the north eastern region of India, under India's colonial rule, no ethnic group could deny the basic commonness on its origin, common lifestyles and inter-dependence among them, which was true in yesteryears and still hold good till today.

Reiterating that it was also stated that no individual ethnic group of the region could be left out from the bounden duty of common struggle for peaceful coexistence, development and sovereignty of the region, the lengthy statement of the UNLF's central committee put down UNLF view towards insurgent groups having friendly and unfriendly ties on the basic principle cited the outfit.

On any ethnic disunity, UNLF claimed that their stand has been always guided with the basic principle of collective approach to fight collectively for the region so as all the ethnic groups, however small they may be, are assured their right to preserve their own identity.

UNLF has informed that they fully respect to any ethnic group in the region to decide their own independent decision in regards with their identity.

If smaller ethnic groups of Manipur like Chiru, Chothe, Kom, etc decide to be called as Naga it is their right or if Chiru, Chothe, Kom decide to remain as Chiru, Chothe, Kom that too is also their right.

They have been in firm stand and would always remain stand for any ethnic group in their struggle to remain as they are and their efforts to protect their own identity from extinction, it reiterated.

Besides, basic rights of all the ethnic groups to decide their own identity by themselves, UNLF reminded that they have been reminding all communities of the state for nurturing their inevitable responsibilities to collectively work for coexistent and common development.

This basic philosophy only would ensure a peaceful and developed society in the region where all ethnic communities will get peaceful coexistence, UNLF observed.

UNLF maintained that overlooking this basic philosophy for peaceful coexistent and aware only for their right and follow up actions guided by it would lead the region into chaos.

The statement also regretted on the prevailing situation of Manipur stating that clash of philosophy has engulfed the state and people being forced to hardships.

To avoid such clashes, and for common development as well as for peaceful coexistence UNLF reminded to the people that they had already pleaded and practice for ensuring autonomy at all levels for all the ethnic group.

Founded on the stated principle, UNLF released a seven pages press statement to all the people of Manipur and other people who believed in unity in the region, expressing dismay on the use of more than two months long economic blockade in national highways as tool by some Naga bodies in their opposition against the stand of the State Government to ban the proposed visit of NSCN(IM) leader Th Muivah.