AMUCO asks many questions to Naga Hoho on its support to the acts against humanity
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 27 2010: It is unfortunate thing that NSCN (IM) and Naga Hoho, a highest body of Nagas coming down and do low standard politics with frustration, a statement of All Manipur United Clubs' Organisation (AMUCO) lamented.

It is not the time to criticize when the people of the northeastern region of the country are in a crucial juncture.

The way they were expressing in the media indicated that they were losing their ways.

In order to find the way they had lost, NSCN (IM) and Naga Hoho need to take advices of the intellectuals of the northeast, the statement signed by its publicity secretary NC Modhuchandra said.

The revolutionaries fight war for the sake of down throttled people.

America imposed economic blockade to Cuba since 1965.The same is continuing.

But Cuba is marching ahead with development.

This is ideology.

NSCN (IM) and Naga Hoho will be better recalling the united ideology of the northeast region which they learnt in the past instant.

On May 16 in 1951, in a plebiscite on making Greater Nagaland, Phizo who lead the campaign was defeated.

In that not a single voted in favour of formation Greater Nagaland.

Apart from this over one and half lakh people of Tueiyensang stayed away from the plebiscite.

The event was the end of the dream of making a Greater Nagaland.

But in the aftermath of the defeat in the plebiscite, on December 12, 1964, the Nagaland Assembly passed a resolution to amalgam Naga inhabitant areas in the neighbouring of Nagaland to bring under one administration unit and started insisting the government of India to materialize the resolution.

At the same time, Christian priest, Michel Scot also pressed the Indian government to slice part of Naga inhabitant areas of Manipur and merge with Nagaland.

Besides all this, for the second time Nagaland Legislative Assembly took resolution in August 28, 1970 to form Greater Nagaland.

To proof a thing which was never existed before and to say the black colour to be a white one, they started doing arguments with unfair means which is laudable for the effort.

But it should be stopped to lure Indian leaders from time to time by giving the thing they like with the intention of breaking the territorial boundary of Manipur, the AMUCO put down.

When the once highly respected Naga Hoho come down and started doing low politic to make anger the majority communities in the region in the name of demanding Nagas rights with fake history and land, intellectuals of the Naga people will laugh at it.

AMUCO, an apex body and working for the welfare of the people of 36 different communities and tribes sees it, the statement observed.

In a country like India where corruption dominated all, it will take time to know the truth behind a think but though time consuming one the truth will come out in due course of time.

The mass rally marched in Imphal in 1997 in protest against the NSCN (IM) factions tricks to break Manipur's territory was the clear instant that no one wanted to break the territory of the state at any cost.

Now, the question what is the clear stand of the Naga Hoho when NSCN (IM) harassing and killing Naga people in its process of "Muivanisation".

When Tangkhul were killed and their homes were torched and turned out from Nagaland, AMUCO was shocked but when Kukis were killed by NSCN (IM), Naga Hoho encouraged it.

When ANSAM imposed economic blockade on the national highways, Naga Hoho extended support and when people travelling on the highways were harassed, AMUCO wanted to ask Naga Hoho whether is it against humanity, the statement observed.