RPF condemns targeting migrant workers; 'Our fight is against GoI not Indians'
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 19: Strongly condemning the systematic killings of migrant workers by unidentified gunmen during the last three days, the proscribed RPF today said that its fight is against the Government of India and not against all the Indians.

In a statement, the outfit today said that ever since it started its struggle, the RPF has made its stand clear on who its enemies are.

The RPF has never taken the non-locals who are here to eke out a living by doing manual jobs, said the statement and added that it is the principle of the outfit not to view anything along communal divides.

The outfit had nothing to do with the killings of 14 migrant workers on March 17 and 18, said the statement and added that the views expressed by SP of Imphal West, L Kailun to the IANS news agencies, that the PLA is suspected to be behind the killings shows that he made the statement without verifying facts and without going into the details of the case.

It is unbecoming of a senior police officer to just name an outfit as a suspect without checking the facts, asserted RPF.

The PLA is the armed wing of the RPF.

Asserting that the RPF has been taking extra care to stick to the principles of a revolutionary movement, the statement said it is the only armed group in Manipur to sign Article 3 of the Fourth Protocol of the Geneva Convention.

The Government of India as well as countries friendly to Delhi are hell bent in trying to portray the genuine revolutionary movement in Manipur as terrorist activities, noted the outfit and added that such anti-revolutionary activities as killing migrant workers will amount to nothing but provide more bullets to Delhi to pursue their agenda of branding revolutionaries as terrorists.

All concerned should think over this point seriously.

Following the brutal murder of Th Manorama by Assam Rifles personnel and the subsequent public uprising, the hated Armed Forces Special Powers Act was lifted from some parts of the State, recalled RPF.

Even now Delhi is waiting for the opportune moment to re-impose the said Act in the areas from where it has been lifted, observed RPF and added that it is imperative that the people of Manipur should be told whether the killings are in any way connected with the revolutionary movement or not.

As such the organisation concerned should clarify, said the statement.

Irrespective of community affiliation, the RPF condemns and will condemn any killing of innocent people, asserted the outfit.

Taking serious note of the rumours floating around following the killings of the migrant workers, the outfit urged the people not to spread rumours or ignite trouble.