Don't interfere, MPP tells Centre
'State does not belong to PM, HM'

Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 12 2010: Manipur does not belong to the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister, said MPP leader, MLA O Joy, asking them not to interfere in the state affairs with no reason. He asserted that the boundary of the state was drawn with the blood of "our forefathers" .

MLA Joy, who spoke at the sit-in demonstration cum public meeting organised by the MPP in front of its office at the western side of the Polo ground here, asserted that the party thinks that Indian government is applying the British's divide and rule policy in the states of the North Eastern Region where different ethnic communities settle.

With the apprehension that the insurgent groups in the region will one day unite to demand sovereignty, the Centre is applying divide and rule policy of the British in the state of Manipur, MPP is well understood, he said.

He revealed that Muivah is attempting to enter the state in the backdrop of agreement signed when the then United Naga Integration Council led by Rishang Keishing at the time of merging to the All India Congress.

In the agreement signed in August 4, 1972, Congress assured that the party will not give any obstruction in Naga integration, he added.

"The Centre had given the permission to enter Muivah in the state under the agreement," Joy charged adding that until and unless the agreement is declared invalid the chaotic situation of Naga integration issue will exist in the state," he said.

The Union minister who does not know the situation of North East states particularly that of Manipur should resign on morale ground.

MPP sees Congress as a poisonous snake existing to break Manipur.

In the peace talk between NSCN(IM) and GoI, it included 16-point agenda.

Congress in Nagaland had taken a resolution to press the Centre to translate into work the 13-point agenda in the last Assembly elections in Nagaland.

MPP assumed some of the leaders of Congress in both Nagaland and Manipur as Muivah, Joy said urging not to allow Muivah stay near Manipur border for long time.

If he stays there for long time, there will be bloodshed trapped in the Congress's divide and rule policy, he warned.

President of MPP, Dr Nimaichand Luwand said that the recent incident of Chief Minister Ibobi taking a special flight provided by the Centre is taken as arresting him.

After his return, CM did not expressed what had transpired in the meeting with Union ministers.

During his visit to the state capital, Union home secretary GK Pillai might have insisted the Chief Minister to allow enter of Muivah and to replace the state force at Mao gate by Central paramilitary forces.

All the events were part of Congress policy.

So people should take care of it, Nimaichand said.

Many other leaders of the party taking part in the sit-in demonstration cum public meeting also talked at length on the present situation of the state and reaffirmed the decision of MPP stance not to allow Muivah to enter in the state.