Traffic halts on Imphal-Jiri road
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, July 11 2010: All the inter-state buses leaving Imphal on the NH-53 were back to Imphal today from Nungba even as over 336 freight trucks stranded at Jiribam due to bad road condition on the stretch.

Meanwhile, All Manipur Inter-state Bus Service Association has drawn the attention of the government in look after the plight of the inter-state bus operators and passengers.

Official reports said that many freight trucks stranded at Jiribam as they could not proceed towards Imphal as authorities are on hectic efforts to make deplorable sections of the road into accessible one.

The report said that as many as 336 freight trucks were stranded at various places at Jiribam.

Among other stranded trucks include those carrying fertilizers, grocery items and others.

Two inter-state buses leaving Imphal on yesterday morning on the NH-53 had to return back today from Nungba as they could not proceed beyond due to closure of the road.

Authorities were compelled to prevent the moving of the vehicles as there is high risk of meeting accident while crossing the muddy portions.

No bus leaves Imphal for the day too and refunded the tickets booked in advance.

Before this also there were instances of refunding fare to the passengers.

Amid this, many buses were also stranding at various points as they could not proceed further.

Addressing a press conference here, president of the association, Budha Luwang related grievances facing by the passengers and operators while travelling on the NH-53 .

He said that due to bad road condition, inter-state bus service operators are facing utmost problems.

When a bus reached Jiribam, it took two to three days as they have to stop at several points where vehicles could not move.

As a result of it, many students who took the route for appearing exams for job recruitment and entrances testes were unable to reach their destinations on time.

Apart from this, many people are facing delay in reaching their destinations where they are to report within a time bound time, he lamented while drawing attention of the government into the matter and make an alternative arrangement for the inter-state passenger buses.

On the other hand, 70 trucks loaded with boulders and stones left Imphal today on the NH-53 to help in repairing works taken by the labourers of PWD on the stretch between Barak to Goladhon, the most decapitated condition portion of the highway.

The stones and boulders were collected from Kambirong by the empty trucks leaving Imphal today, the report said adding that around 80 trucks with stones and boulders were also stranded midway.

In the meantime, another reports said that a total of 104 loaded trucks have crossed Mao gate on the NH-39 yesterday evening for Imphal.

Among the trucks, it includes 26 loaded with rice, 35 with cement and six with urea.

Thirty-seven of carrying grocery items, the report added.