No mark tampering in MBBS entrance test: Dr Amo
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 10: Clearing the air over the suspicion raised over the entrance examination of the MBBS/BDS held this year, Health Minister Dr Chaltonlien Amo today informed the Assembly that there is no question that the marks of any candidate were tampered with.

Making a statement on the floor of the House today, the Health Minister categorically said that the tabulation sheet produced by MLA BD Behring on July 8 was a record that had not yet been scrutinized.

Brushing aside any possibility of mark tampering, Dr Amo said that during scrutiny a number of errors were detected in the tabulation sheet.

The errors that had crept in the tabulation sheet while adding or subtracting the total marks were all rectified during the scrutiny, added the Minister.

Not satisfied with the explanation of the Minister BD Behring said that errors of 2/3 marks are acceptable but when the error shows a difference of 8/10 marks then the suspicion of mark tampering is very high.

BD Behring had stated that one ST candidate who had secured 119 marks was overlooked while three others who had secured 118 were selected in the entrance examination.

Aspersions were also cast on the marks secured by three/four other candidates in the ST category.

The matter was finally settled after the Minister suggested that the answer scripts over which suspicion were raised may be examined in the chamber of the Speaker to which the Speaker also readily agreed.

Dr Amo also urged BD Behring to disclose the names of the officials who leaked the tabulation sheet which had not been scrutinized so that action may be initiated for misleading the people.

However Keishamthong AC MLA L Ibocha joined in and said that since the matter does not concern the security of the State, the people have the right to information.

Instead of penalizing the official concerned, he/she should be awarded with a double promotion for bringing the matter before the public, added Ibocha with good measure.

On a different plane, Speaker TN Haokip said it is not a pretty sight to see members loitering around while the Chief Minister or the Opposition leader is addressing the House.

Even interrupting others is not desirable, he observed.