CPI condemns Senapati pact
Source: The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, February 10: The Communist Party of India(CPI) has condemned the Senapati declaration under the aegis of United Naga Council, UNC.

The CPI, in a statement issued here, said that the first two points in die declaration targeted the unity and integrity of Manipur.

Coming out strongly against the declaration, CPI also asserted that all the parties and candidates who signed the notorious pact were neck deep in the hidden agenda conspired by the BJP led NDA ministry at the Centre.

The party also warned against those candidates who had shown their true identities in the previous state assembly and had only changed their political hue to gain entry in the upcoming assembly.

The Congress, charged the CPI, had already acted its part in disintegrating Manipur by trying to create Purbanchal Pradesh in 1984 and said that it could never be trusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the territorial integrity of the state in future.

The CPI also asserted it is the right time to show that the people have lost their trust in such parties who did not match actions to words in regard to the integrity, development and peace in the state.

The Islamic Development, IDA, Khurai-Khumidok, Imphal East has also come out strongly against the signing of UNC's Senapati declaration by 47 Naga candidates of the coming elections.

In a press release, the IDA stated that the Senapati declaration was drafted with intent of disintegrating the unity of Manipur build up over the centuries.