DPP blasts Senapati meet participants
Source: The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, February 08: The Democratic Peoples' Party, DPP, has come out strongly against the 47 Naga candidates who are reported to have signed a pact at Senapati yesterday to fight for the Naga political cause including the peace talks between the government of India and the NSCN(IM) once elected to the Manipur Legislative Assembly.

The regional party and new entrant that is creating a ripple in the state politics, in a press release came down heavily on practically every other party which had representatives present in the Senapati meet.

The DPP was particularly harsh on the Federal Party of Manipur leader, Prof Gangmumei Kamei who had not only attended the Senapati meeting but also appended his name to the pact that reportedly questioned the integrity of Manipur.

The release also blasted the president of the FPM, Dr L Chandramani Singh for allowing representatives from his party to attend a meeting which espoused a spirit that went directly against the party's manifesto.

Turning to the Congress(I), the DPP also said Rishang Keishing staying away from the meeting was only a diversionary tactics as representatives from the Congress(I) attended the meeting in all earnest.

As for the Manipur State Congress Party, MSCP, the DPP had the choicest invectives calling its leader Th Chaoba a political prostitute who turned pimp.

The release said Chaoba as a minister in the Union government had been party to the move to break up Manipur in June 2001.The main conspirators in the plan to break up Manipur were, the release said, the BJP and the Samata party, mentioning that it was RK Dorendro who brought in the Army into Manipur in 1980.