NNC has the final say on war and peace: Adino Phizo
(Exclusive interview with Adino Phizo)

Source: Hueiyen News Service / Oken Jeet Sandham

Kohima, May 04 2010: President of the Naga National Council (NNC) Adino Phizo categorically stated that there could be no meaningful dialogue between the two nations until the "Government of India (GOI) rescinds the 1972 'illegal' badge served on the Naga National Council (NNC) and the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN)" .

Replying to an exclusive interview through email from her London residence to Oken Jeet Sandham, NEPS, the NNC supremo however pointed out that she was yet to see the seriousness of the GOI in "seeking an honorable solution to the protracted conflict" between the two nations.

Asked her comments on Indian Prime Minister (PM) Dr Manmohan Singh's desire to solve Naga issue during his tenure and also Union Home Secretary GK Pillai's statement that Naga issue would find solution in 12 to 24 months, Adino said he (Dr Manmohan Singh) was said to be "sincere and a man of principle." "I have no doubt the Government of India (GoI) at some time would wake up and evaluate India's six decades disastrous external foray into Nagaland in own (GoI) interest," she asserted adding, "The burning issue is the Indian army naked aggression against Nagaland in 1954 and ever since the unremitting Indian occupation army militarized tyranny in Nagaland" .

On Nagaland Chief Minister Neipiu Rio's role in Naga issue, Adino said "imposed puppet state government in Nagaland is symptomatic of Indian government hypocrisy" .

"Neiphiu Rio happens to be the present puppet chief minister," she said.

"No Naga is a stranger to one another; on social level we have a polite tradition" .

She said, "He (Rio) and his colleagues talk much about playing a constructive role as facilitators to bring 'an honorable solution' to the protracted conflict with India but I am yet to see any action to that effect" .

On NSCN (IM) General Secretary Th Mauivah's recent talks with PM and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, the NNC President said, "In the affairs of Nagaland, Th Muivah is a nonentity.

He is from Ukhrul district, in Manipur state, India and has no political root in Nagaland" .

She further disclosed that only after the Cease-fire Agreement in 1964, NNC and FGN advanced in dispensing with hitherto Inner Line Permit (ILP) mandatory for Naga family in Naga inhabited areas (NIA) to enter Nagaland.

"While the national status of NIA is yet to be settled, it does not help that a section of Naga people could clearly be seen muddle along politicizing the issue before all round consensus and callously inflame age-old friendship with neighboring people," she stated.

The daughter of the legendary Naga freedom fighter and father of Naga Nation AZ Phizo, Adino alleged that the NSCN (IM) began its lies and hatred campaign since 1979/80 to subvert the Yehzabo (Constitution) of Nagaland.

Their acts had been a hideous distraction but in no way deflected the unshakable resolve of NNC and FGN on Naga sovereignty, she said adding, "Over the past three decades the people of Nagaland have endured extreme violence at the hands of the outfit, generally call the tormentors" .

She also claimed that without the patronage of GoI, the NSCN (IM) wouldn't dare making outrageous claims against NNC and FGN, let alone venture out.

"The fact that it requires 'Designated Camps' nearby Indian occupation army camps, 'Z+Security', Indian Passports, and 'IDs' from its supposed to be enemy to go about needs no further comment," she stated.

"It just cannot be serious that GoI resorted to dallying with a stage-managed non-state vassal supplicant calling itself 'Nagalim', currently devoid of a domain and history." But while asking her comments on Muivah's remarks made while addressing 30th Naga Republic Day at their Camp Hebron that they stand on the foundation and decision of erstwhile Naga National Council (NNC) leaders namely AZ Phizo, founder of NNC, Kughato Sukhai, former Ato Kilonser of NNC, Ikongmeren Ao, T Sakhrie and Khodao Yanthan and they were today because of them, Adino said she had documentary evidence of the "NSCN (IM) manifesto; various vacuous drivel statements; atrocity report: crimes against the Naga people and others, and Proposed basis for discussion to achieve a comprehensive solution to the Naga issue" .

She pointed out that far from paying normal respect, and appreciation of the sacrifices of NNC and FGN leaders for Naga nation, he (Muivah) and his henchmen went to great length to fabricate Nagaland history.

"Whatever he said of late, I don't think a right-minded Naga will believe him," she added.

Adino also expressed that the NNC kept abreast development concerning Nagaland and on the recent Delhi orchestrated "peace process" with a non-state actor.

She further stated they saw no likely impact on Nagaland.

"The 'secret' cosmetic changes demanded by the so-called NSCN (IM) within Art 371 A (13th Amendment Act 1962) of the Indian Constitution in return for a symbiotic 'competencies' and 'sovereign' relation within Indian Union should be made public," she urged.

Replying to GOI's statement that final solution to Naga issue would come about after holding talks with the entire Naga underground groups, Adino made it clear that as a nation, Nagaland had a democratically elected "Constitutional Government, namely Federal Government of Nagaland." In addition, India imposed a puppet state government and also patronize the NSCN to perpetrate "state-sponsored terrorism in Nagaland," she alleged.

"In all probability, the GoI will stick to protocol in the case of other nations and refrain from uttering such an absurd and offensives drivel," she asserted.

"It will not help the GoI to insult the intelligence of Naga people" .

Nagaland and India never ever shared a common history.

Before the Union of India came into existence in 1947, the Naga representatives led by A Z Phizo had a series of meetings with emerging leaders of India, in Assam and India, to establish good understanding between the two peoples, particularly, on future bilateral relations.

The Indian leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, Gopinath Bordoloi, M A Jinnah, Rajagopalachari, etc with no exception, respected the desire of Naga people to stay a sovereign country.

As planned, the Naga representatives declared to the world that Nagaland will stay independent on 14 August, 1947, a day ahead of Union of India declaration of independence, she narrated.

Reacting to GOI's statement to grant more autonomy to resolve the Naga issue, the NNC Chief said, "In recognition of Naga sovereignty, over the years the Indian leaders invited NNC: to join the Union of India, to be incorporated in the Constitution of India, offered 'special status within India', blank cheque for development of Nagaland, President of India, Ambassador to any named country and so on; it may sound unwise to have refused such seemingly generous proposals, but India has no monopoly on sovereignty over another nation." "(It is) Not because of political demand or a dispute that led the Indian army in a massive show of strength invaded Nagaland in 1954.NNC stand on relation with India is, and always has been, a peaceful co-existence base on mutual respects," she added.

Reacting to Center's interlocutor RS pandey's "concept of shared sovereignty" to resolve Naga issue, Adino said she saw "no evidence" on his idea of "shared sovereignty" that India was willing to enter into with a neighboring country.

"He better confine his fantasy to himself and stick to a role good at, if any," she suggested.

Stating that Sovereignty was the pivotal attribute of a nation-state, Adino said from the outset, the Father of Naga nation was unequivocal on Naga sovereignty.

The fundamental of it was the right of Nagaland to maintain its own territorial integrity and internal system and on relation with other nations, a non-interference in the internal affairs of another nation, she explained.

Reiterating that the NNC was not a political party, the NNC President stated it was the embodiment of Naga body politic with historical mooring in Naga democratic tradition.

By virtue of the historic 16 May 1951 universal Naga consensus to opt for a common Naga identity and affirmation of heretofore Nagaland declaration to stay independent on 14 August 1947, immutably entrusted with NNC, "no Naga can deny NNC mandate.

As the keeper of the soul of Naga nation, NNC has the final say on war and peace," she said.

Nagaland was a peaceful, self-sufficient and hospitable country before Indian invasion in 1954."Is it not ironic that after six decades of unremitting Indian occupation army militarised tyranny in Nagaland, Indian politicians and officials constantly lecture peace to Naga people?" she questioned.