Mayek issue : AMUCO's sane voice
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, October 01: All Manipur United Clubs' Organisation (AMUCO) has stated that the recent incident of vandalising buses with registration number written in Meetei Mayek at Mao and Senapati area of Manipur is the sign of an epidemic which may have devastating impact in the days to come.

In a statement, AMUCO publicity secretary Tompok Likmabam said such unfortunate incident is the outcome of a chauvinistic conflict between two groups of people, one, who are work for political gain of some politicians by engaging Meitei/Meetei in the conflict, and the other who cannot see anything beyond Meetei/Meitei.

The people of Manipur as a whole should not fall into their traps and allow them to drag the State into any sort of social unrest, the statement said.

Flaying the State Government for remaining mere spectator to all the happenings around for so long, AMUCO asked the Government to wake up and do the needful before the matter gets out of control.

Demanding to know whether the Government is ready to provide security to the vehicles or whether the proponents of Meetei Mayek will escort them or whether the anti-Meetei people should be made to understand, AMUCO said it is time for the Government to act and bringing about an amicable solution.

AMUCO will never allow disintegration of the boundary of Manipur through the workings of micro-ethno-centric interests and the Government should try to evolve a common solution instead of remaining contented with giving compensation only after the harm has been caused and signing MoUs, the statement said.