Shed ethno-exclusive ideology: UNLF-III
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 30 2010: All the peace talk initiatives with India have either brought about disunity among the revolutionary groups or compromising with the objective of the freedom struggle and today NSCN (IM) has been too lost its mooring after more than of peace talks with India, UNLF has stated .

In its statement, UNLF observed that caught in the trap of India, NSCN (IM) cannot work towards realisation of its goal any more nor has the will-power to free itself from the trap and resume its freedom struggle.

In order to bring down to this level, the Government of India has trapped the NSCN (IM) with false assurance that the 'India respects the unique history of Nagas' and the demands of the NSCN (IM) would be given sympathetic consideration.

But beguiled as he is, Muivah, as if he understands the ploy of India, pronounced that 'India is sincere this time, and rest of the revolutionary groups should try to appreciate India'.

After having caught in the trap of peace talk, Muivah has started thinking meetings with the Indian leaders more important than the affairs of the Naga brethren who have been sidelined and cheated.

In short, the talks doing the round in the peace talks have distanced from the day to day affairs of the Naga brethren, UNLF said, adding that public are today shying away from according the same kind of respect that they used to give to NSCN (IM) leaders during 1990s and beginning of 2000s, and are aware that India is not concern about them any more.

UNLF observed that opposition to the exclusive policy of the NSCN (IM) which left out other communities, is now heard not only in Nagaland but also within the Tangkhul dominated Ukhrul district of Manipur.

But it seems that Thuingaleng Muivah still does not understand the implications of all these.

So, the recent attempt made to visit his native village Somdal and other places, was a strategy to ignite yet another communal flare up like the earlier Naga-Kuki clashes to gain his lost reputation.

As part of this strategy, first of all Thuingaleng Muivah made use of ANSAM and UNC to oppose and agitate over the conduct of ADC election of India in Manipur.

Instead of clearly pointing out the loopholes in the ADC, Meitei bashing was deliberately encouraged so as to create communal tension, UNLF said.

Stating that UNLF's dislike of the ADC election of India is 100 times more than their opposition, the statement said UNLF firmly believes that ADC election would never be able ensure development of the hills area in Manipur and the well being of its dwellers.

However, in their effort to stop the ADC election, ANSAM and UNC resorted to Meitei bashing and blame the community for underdevelopment in the hills.

That shows that they were not opposed to the conduct of ADC election from the point of view that their aspiration to see development in the hills but they were only trying to find out the means to cause communal tension, UNLF said.

As the issue has come about only after the ADC election process was over, ANSAM and UNC also did not receive the kind of support expected even from the people in the hills.

Despite the boycott of the election, many candidates have contested in the election and many voters exercised their franchise.

On account of this as well as taking advantage of the situation prevailing over the proposed visit of Muivah to his native village, ANSAM and UNC went ahead with imposing 'economic blockade' thinking that this would help them in realising their objective.

After all these tactics have failed, Thuingaleng Muivah finally started talking about his aspiration to offer floral tributes at the memorial of his late mother on the occasion of Mother's Day.

If this was his only objective, then there would have been no cause for every person who love their mothers to oppose him.

However, as he has already stepped aside from the path of freedom struggle, most people in Manipur looked at his intention of visiting the native village with suspicion.

Remembering the killing of thousands of innocent Kuki people by NSCN (IM), Kukis also raised objection to the proposed visit of Muivah to his native village.

Moreover, his reiteration in every addresses all along the way that ' Meiteis have been suppression the Nagas' has also make it self evident that his proposed visit has got nothing to with Mother's Day but has a hidden agenda.

The conduct of his followers in singling out only the Meiteis and putting all the blames also made it clear that his proposed visit was just a part of a larger stratagem to set Nagas against the Meiteis.

This led to the violent incident at Mao Gate on May 6.In the said unfortunate incident, two innocent youths lost their lives while many others were wounded.

To ignite communal flare up, Meitei bashing and attempt to disintegrate Manipur continued to be plotted and heard within India and other parts of the world.

The Manipur Government's decision to prevent entry of Muivah was decried stating that the decision was taken only in the interest of the Meitei.

Along with such propaganda, to compound the situation, economic blockade was imposed and it was declared that no vehicles bearing the registration number of Manipur would not be allowed in Naga inhabited area.

When all these efforts failed to bring about their desired goals, ANSAM and UNC renewed the efforts.