Mao mayhem video footages screened at Ukhrul
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Ukhrul, May 30 2010: The media cell of the Tangkhul Frontal organization today screened video footages of the Mao incident today at the Tangkhul Naga Long ground to the public.

The 58 min video contain raw footages of the police brutality, clandestinely captured by a non-local media cameraman from safe distance and also short clippings of the injured people admitted at hospitals, the refugee camp, the funeral service of the two students who were shot dead by the police and the protests by Naga people from Mao Gate to New Delhi.

The TNL ground, the venue where the Naga leader Muivah would be accorded a hero's reception has been sealed since first week of May.

A splendid traditional podium has already been erected inside the TNL ground, all set for the would-be big day.

However, the sealed gates were opened today to accommodate maximum crowd capacity.

As news circulated about the film screening, it spread like wildfire and by 6 pm, hundreds of anxious local people had queued up the entrance of the local ground waiting for the gate to open to see what actually happened on 6th of May at Mao Gate.

The film show was preceded by messages from prominent leaders from the Tangkhul frontal organizations.

"I never thought it was as bad as this…my heart's pounding", said one student leader.

Miss Shimray, another women leader said, "the footages I am sure are just tip of an iceberg of what actually happened on that fateful day.

It has brought to light the many stark realities of what actually happened, which went unreported or misreported by the media".

"We have initially prepared 500 copies of the CD for circulation to the public.

However, as the demand is too much, we are compelled to make additional copies and postpone the release till Monday, May 31", said Pheiray, Media in-charge of Tangkhul frontal organization.