Muivah attends meeting at Pughoboto
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Dimapur, June 22, 2010: NSCN-IM general secretary Th.Muivah was accorded a very warm welcome by the Sumi Nagas from at Pughoboto town of Zunheboto district, Nagaland on Monday.

Striking and impressive war dance was performed in honour of Thuingaleng Muivah and his entourage.

Thereafter, a marathon interactive public meeting was held at the local ground and the town hall of Pughoboto for around five and half hours.

Th Muivah movingly mentioned the contribution of the Southern Sumis (Semas) towards the Naga 'national' cause.

The protection and care in terms of food and security given to the 'Naga national workers' provided by the Semas was spontaneous, said Muivah in his speech.

Muivah recalled the Naga underground cadres could move freely all over Sumi homeland during the hard days of struggle.

He stated that he had come again trusting and believing in the Sumi people.

Muivah declared that these are significant times when the Nagas have to take a key decision.

According to Th Muivah, Nagalim is a God-given land for the Naga people and the Nagas have to take the best decision for this God-given gift.

He challenged the people whether they will be able to face the ideas of changes that will come and warned the people about the danger of living complacently.

During the transformation of events it is important to understand what is best for the Nagas and warned the people of having a servitude mentality.

He told the people that he had come to reason together on account of the dangers that Nagas may be caught unaware.

The Nagas under the banner of the Naga National Council (NNC) took the correct decision and showed the way for the Nagas, said Muivah.

"The NNC under the leadership of AZ Phizo, Imkongmeren, Kughato Sukhai, T Sakhrei, Khodao Yanthan and others did not compromise on the Naga national rights.

They valued Nagalim, the God given land for the Naga people.

When all other nations failed to exercise their right to decide their own future, the Nagas took the right decision to be the master of ourselves," stated Thuingaleng Muivah.

He informed the people that a crucial time came for him and Chairman Isak Chishi Swu to take decision concerning the fate of the Nation.

When the 1975 Shillong Accord was signed the nation was in peril.

AZ Phizo had failed to condemn the Accord, therefore, Isak Chishi Swu and Mr Muivah as Vice President and the General Secretary respectively wre determined to save the destiny of the nation.

The NNC and the Federal Government of Nagaland and the leadership of AZ Phizo had to be saved at any cost.

Accordingly, the Accord was condemned in the name of NNC.

AZ Phizo's position was reaffirmed as the President of NNC and in addition to that he was made the President of FGN respectively.

But ironically the two of them were accused of condemning the Accord which AZ Phizo did not and subsequently the Martial Law was declared and arrested the two leaders and seized the power of NNC, declaring that all powers were in their hands.

In the events that followed they formed the National Socialist Council of Nagalim on January 31, 1980.The NSCN-IM general secretary emphasized the fact that the 1975 Shillong Accord destroyed the foundation of the Naga National rights.

In surrendering there was nothing left for the Nagas.

"The NSCN since its formation took the right decision to stand through and they fought well on all fronts.

The best armies and Generals faced defeat in their hands,: Muivah said.

He spoke about the time when he and Chairman Isak Chishi Swu had to take a crucial decision concerning the fate of Naga nation.

He emphasized the fact that during the most difficult situation the Nagas did not have a Moses or Caleb yet, Chairman Isak declared that, if Nagas and Nagalim would be for Christ, he would stand to the last.

Chairman Isak did not fail in his time.

The NSCN-IM leader considered it a big honour to be the leader of the nation.

He told the audience that he and Chairman Isak have been together in the struggle now for almost 47 years.

Muivah added that NSCN chairman Isak has been consistent in his commitment.

"And most importantly he also had made presentations on Naga political case several times at the UN Human Rights Commission and other international conferences," said Thuingaleng Muivah while addressing the public at Pughoboto.