Mao Council acknowledges KVC
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Senapati, May 13 2010: The Mao Council acknowledges with deep appreciation and gratitude, the spontaneous and heart warming response of the Khuzama Village Council (KVC), the Southern Angami Peoples Organisation(SAPO) and the Angami Peoples' Organisation(APO) to the appalling situation that emerged in the aftermath of the May 6, incident at Mao Gate.

The MAO Council said that the immediate assistance of transportation, security, shelters and food by the KVC, SAPO and APO was a God sent relief to the Nagas from Mao Gate area, who were fleeing from the "continued rampage of the Manipur armed forces" .

"The displaced people, which consisted mostly of young children, elderly men and women and the wounded, some fleeing barefoot through the paddy fields, found refuge in the welcoming and caring arms of our Angami brethren, at such a devastating time.We also thank The State Government of Nagaland, all the tribal hohos, organisations, institutions, individuals who have generously come forward to share the woes of the displaced people and provided help and assistance in countless number of ways," the Mao Council said.

It then said that though the ordeal is yet to be left behind, the Mao Council prays that that the Almighty God may bless all and it want the donors to know that their humane gestures of love and kindness have greatly warmed the peoples' heart at this hour of strife.