UCM decries AZSU's bandh call
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 06 2010: Decrying the decision of All Zeliangrong Students' Union, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland (AZSU-AMN) to call a 48-hour bandh along the National Highway 53 with effect from midnight of July 9 even as the people are still reeling under the impact of the recent total blockade, United Committee Manipur (UCM) has pointed out that the decision needs to be reviewed in the interest of the suffering people.

In a statement, IPR secretary of UCM Kh Nilamani Kha-Nganba observed that the activities of any organisation and the strategies adopted in this connection may be for the welfare of the State, but UCM would never accept the people to suffer repeatedly over some demands which would be difficult to be to fulfil.

Pointing out that UCM had already announced restriction on transportation of goods along National Highway 39 through Nagaland and the reasons thereof, Nilamani said transporters and other agencies have also reaffirmed this stand.

So, the decision of calling bandh over proposal of the State Government to hand over the task of maintaining the National Highway 53 from BRO to the State PWD is unfortunate.

UCM considers such decisions without consultation with other CSOs as hasty, irrational and hence against the interest of the people, Nilamani added.

He further observed that the State Government should also try work out any amicable solution in this regard instead of living under the impression that bandh supporters would be declared wanted, arrest warrant would be issued and detained them under NSA.

Instead this watch and watch policy, the Government should ensure development of the National Highway 53 on war footing and try to understand the grievances of the people in Tamenglong district so as to garner their support and co-operation, he suggested.

UCM has also questioned reason behind continued shortage of essential commodities in the State although the blockade along National Highway 39 has been lifted long ago and transportation of goods being carried out along National Highway 53 .

The Government is answerable whether it is due to ineffective policy or siphoning of the goods by the Minister and officers, UCM said, adding that targeting student activists who are campaigning against price hike would not bring any solution to the failure of reaching out essential commodities to the common people.