At last, Shirui free of fear
Source: Hueiyen News Service / LS Vin

Ukhrul, February 03 2009: "FINALLY, THE sacred abode of 'Shirui Lily' is free, free from fear, free from tear, free from sleepless night and free from everything.

Our long cry for peace has been considered after prolonging for half a month.

Being in total peace for more than a decade, we thought all the wars to be fought are over and our earth is wholly in peace.

All out of sudden, terror strikes back our village on the wee hours of 18th January to reign for half a month," said one 80 years-old Shirui lady with tears on her eyes.

Constant presence of security forces in the courtyards and backyards of Shirui village and its adjoining areas, since 18th January till 2nd February reminds the terrifying lives of mid & late 90's.During this period, Ukhrul was declared as 'Disturbed Area,' thereby implied Armed Forces Special Power Act and other draconian laws.

Under the pretext of these laws, many human rights were violated.

Women were molested & raped, innocent villagers are tortured in 3rd degree in various manners for no rhyme or reason.

Others were tortured to dead and killed deliberately, said the Shirui locals.

Dharmesh Yadev, CO, 17th Assam Rifles, who commands the 'Shirui Siege' and his juniors were good to the people.

No restrictions on the movement of villagers were imposed.

But rendered helping hands, The AR during the confronting period runs mobile hospitals & medicates the villagers.

Besides, it is reported that the Security Forces too gives monetary aids to the Shirui villagers.

However, the deeply imprinted horrible acts Committed by security forces in the past and the borne fear psychosis resurfaced instantly as soon as the 17th AR moves in and around the village in a combat mood, added the source.

Though no restrictions were made on the movement of villagers in the 15 days war without bloodshed, farmers are scared to work at their fields.

Patrol of the security forces in nook corners under the cover of dark nights too made the villagers to live in constant fear psychosis.

Peaceful existence of the villagers was threatened and economic well being of the village was badly affected as no economic activities could be taken up for the fear.

Many of our basic fundamental rights including the freedom of movement, the right to property & the right to privacy has been deprived since the commencement of the confrontation between the AR and NSCN-IM, added the local source.

Local Youth Organization, being a lover of peace too suffered in a great height.

At least 20 youth volunteers served the bulk of visitors from different organizations including the Naga Hoho from Nagaland visited as peace makers.

The women folk of the District borne the greatest hardship under the initiatives of Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL/Tangkhul Women's Council).

Women organizations of the nearby villages and women organizations from Ukhrul Headquarters braving the chilly weather staged round the clock in prayer in the middle of both the two confronting parties.

It was too dear for them to let blood shed in the State Flower blooming village.

After a long suffering and multiple intimations of different organizations, both the parties withdrew from the two tourist lodge where both the parties occupied differently on each of the lodge on 2nd February after an understanding reached among them and in the interest of the general public.