'Blockade deprives Right to education'
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 24 2010: Contending that right to education of the students have deprived because of the total economic blockade along the National Highways, Coalition on Children's Right to Protection (CCRP) has called upon for intervention of the Government of India to end the blockade and ensure proper education of the students.

Addressing a press conference at Manipur Press Club here today, State co-ordinator of CCRP K Pradipkumar observed that education has become to a complete halt in Manipur after the transport services of the schools stopped due to lack of fuel on account of the ongoing economic blockade.

This has given a serious impact on the education of the students, Pradipkumar said.

Convenor of CCRP S Sharaju Devi noted that there would be a definite gap in the education of the students in Manipur if the crippling effect of blockade continues.

Pointing out that proper education is a right of the students guaranteed by the Constitution of India, she called upon the Government of India for intervention so as to protect the rights of the students.

Stating that National Highways are under the control of the Central Government, she also question why the Centre has been remaining quiet over the issue.

Chairman of CCRP H Rashi Devi observed that the Constitutional provisions of free and compulsory education is of no use if there is no food and nutrition for the students.

So, the Government should see that food is made available to the students.

Pradipkumar added that children in Children Homes are the ones who have been affected the most from the shortage of food on account of blockade.

He suggested that special ration cards should be issued for providing PSD items to these children.

Coalition on Children's Right to Protection has also called for lifting the economic blockade as well the counter-economic blockade.