MSAD demands probe into Mao incident
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 08 2010: Manipur Student's Association Delhi (MSAD) strongly condemned Manipur police action on the protesters at Mao Gate on May 6 that killed two students, Loshua, and Chakho and infliction of casualty to several others.

The Indian State including Manipur Government is responsible for this unfortunate incident, MSAD alleged in a press release.

It also called on the Manipur Government to conduct a Judicial inquiry into the incident.

MSAD said that the Government should extend necessary supports and medical assistance to those who suffered casualty in the incident.

The Mao Gate firing incident was a continued process of the overall reign of terror hitherto confined in the valley districts of Manipur unleashed by the Ibobi Government, it said adding that the Ibobi regime had been sponsoring killing of civilians in the name of maintaining law and order.

Government of India has been encouraging such 'terror' activities by awarding gallantry awards to several Manipur police personnel, e.g many of them were decorated with gallantry awards by the Indian State on August 15, 2009 for killing people, MSAD said.

It added what has become alarming is that the rampant repressions upon political assertion had left the people of Manipur with no space for peaceful democratic dialogue and consensus.

There is no space for civil liberties in Manipur under India installed Ibobi regime in Manipur, it said.

Regarding Muivah's visit to his birth place, MSAD said, "we would like to assert that everyone has the right to live and freely roam in his/ her homeland where his/her umbilical cord is being buried" .

Several selfless individuals had laid down their lives for the sake of their people and country. It added, MSAD considers that those who have stood for democratic political cause to defend their people and country from external invasion and subjugation system are not criminals.

Territorial integrity can never be defended by military barricades without the support of the people who inhabit the territory.

"We believe in voluntary unionism of communities where each community is a stakeholder in the collective polity, economy, culture and other common platforms.", the students body opined.