'No Nagaland bound trucks burnt down'
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Dimapur/Diphu, June 10 2010: No trucks were burnt down in Assam as reported in some Imphal based newspapers yesterday.

The Superintendent of Police, Dimapur and some organisations leaders in Assam's Karbi Anglong district and a well known newspaper editor of the area informed Newmai News Network that no Nagaland bound truck was set on fire as reported in Imphal newspapers in yesterday's editions.

These sources also refuted the earlier reports of Imphal based newspapers saying that a Nagaland bound truck carrying two wheelers were set on fire by unidentified persons in Assam.

It is worth noting that some organisations had threatened to impose a counter blockade on Nagaland bound trucks in Assam sector as a retaliation to banning of Manipur registered vehicles in Nagaland and the imposition blockade along the National Highways leading to Manipur by Naga students' bodies.

"I have been constantly keeping in touch with my counterparts in Assam but no such informations of attacks or setting on fire of Nagaland bound vehicles were received," clarified Liremo Lotha, SP of Dimapur, while adding, "If any such attack happens on the Nagaland bound vehicles in Assam then my counterparts in any of the Assam districts will definitely inform me which is the official procedure" .

The Dimapur SP also informed that trucks ferrying goods for Nagaland are carrying out their services as usual.

Sushanta Roy, the editor of Steadfast daily, an English newspaper based in Diphu, Karbi Anglong district of Assam informed NNN that no such attacks on the Nagaland bound vehicles happened in Assam.

Sushanta Roy said that he had enquired in the Manja Town police station and other fronts but no untoward incidents happened.

Sushanta Roy also said that if such attacks had happened in Karbi Anglong district, the media offices in the district will be the first to get the informations.

Meanwhile, some newspapers in Imphal reported on Wednesday that a Nagaland bound truck was set on fire by unidentified persons in the wee hours of the day and damaged many others by stoning.