NYF accuses Ibobi of unleashing terror
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 10 2010: Coming out strongly against the killing of two students in police firng at Mao Gate on May 6, the Naga Youth Front has accused Chief Minister O Ibobi of letting loose a reign of terror and militarising the areas inhabited by the peace loving Naga people.

In a statement issued to the press today, the convenor of the Naga Youth Front said that the two students were shot dead while the Naga people were staging a peace rally for safe passage of Th Muivah to his birth place.

The combing operation that followed the firing forced many villagers to flee their homesteads while a number of innocent youths were beaten up, charged the Naga Youth Front and added that this is nothing short of 'militarisation,' 'oppression' and 'suppression' of the peace loving people of Mao and Senapati.

The demand raised by Indian civil society organisations to institute a Judicial Inquiry to probe the police firing at Mao, that the led to the death of two students is right on track to bring justice, asserted the Naga Youth Front.

Referring to a photo shoot by the AFP and which was published in a Nagaland based daily newspaper, the Naga Youth Front said that the picture shows a civilian surrounded by six State security forces with their guns pointed at them and two other civilians sitting in fear with one of them in tears.

This particular picture is testimony of the terror unleashed at Mao since May 2, asserted the Naga Youth Front.

Deriding the decision of the Cabinet not to allow the entry of Th Muivah to his birth place, the statement said that as the Chief Minister, O Ibobi should have considered two sides of the issue.

The stand of the Government of Manipur testifies that the aspirations of the Nagas are never taken into consideration.

Accusing Ibobi of misusing and abusing his position as Chief Minister, the statement said that all this is done for his own personal gain and the majority population, charged the Naga Youth Front.

The Youth Front also accused Ibobi of deploying large number of security forces which has led to human rights violation, leading to the death of two budding students and inflicting injuries to over 90 people.

Apart from all these, the Chief Minister also violated freedom of the press in banning free and fair coverage of the situation, denial of students' goodwill mission to pass through, violation of educational rights of students and curtailing free movement of people from Nagaland to Manipur and vice versa.

The decision of the Chief Minister has only inflamed communal distrust, it said.

If the Government of Manipur fails to fulfil the charter of demands put up by the Nagas then it should be held responsible for any untoward incidents in the future, cautioned the NYF.