NPMHR worried over standoff at Siroy
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network

Dimapur, January 28 2009: THE NAGA Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) has taken serious note of the ongoing impasse at Siroy in Ukhrul and said that there has been increasing militarization of Naga areas and the continued psychological warfare against the common people to the extent of vitiating the conducive atmosphere during ceasefire period.

The NPMHR during its annual general body meeting yesterday in Dimapur has said that the incidents "involving the Indian Military at Wokha-standoff between the people and the Assam Rifles and the unending trauma and mental agony created by the seize of Shiroi village by the Assam Rifles under the garb of carrying out 'law and order' duty are disturbing signs of instability emerging out of the non progression in the Indo-Naga political negotiations which began a decade ago".

The NPMHR demands seriousness from both two political entities in the Indo-Naga talks to take the negotiating process to its logical end ushering an era of lasting peace.

The Naga rights group then said that it appreciates the reconciliation efforts undertaken by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) along with other people's organisations, churches and interest groups to evolve a spirit of oneness and unity amongst all national groups towards consolidating the 'Covenant of Common Hope'.

NPMHR considers reconciliation process as one of the most challenging task to move forward achieving our common vision, the statement added.

On issues of development aggression experienced by people of "southern Naga areas", NPMHR urges all parties to agree to renegotiate such projects as Tipaimukh Dam, Mapithel Dam and other mega projects being undertaken in the land.

"We demand that intensive public consultation must be conducted and a free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) be obtained from all affected people before undertaking such massive projects," asserted the NPMHR.

The general assembly of the NPMHR then debated on the issues of emerging concept and trends in development which are of serious concern to the integrity of people, land and common resources.

"NPMHR takes serious note of the unethical conduct of multinational companies involved in surveying and exploitation of resources in extractive industry in Naga areas such as imposing development models, inducing community division and extracting resource without the fullest participation and consent of the local people.

NPMHR is for a development process which facilitates the effective participation of the local through seeking 'free and informed consent', promotes equity in the share of development benefits and environmentally sustainable models," concluded the Naga rights group in a statement.