ZRA controls fuel prices in CCpur
Source: The Sangai Express / S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, May 11 2010: Reeling under severe shortage of fuel and other essential commodities, Churachandpur has a reason to sigh a sense of relief as a prominent armed group; the ZRA has fixed fuel prices and threatens to punish anyone who violates their diktat.

The ZRA's instruction issued by one Romeo, Town Commander, has left many local traders who were seeking to earn huge bucks in days by transporting fuel from the nearest pump in Mizoram, with no other option but to abide by it.

It is worth mentioning that trucks with empty barrels have made a bee line along the Guite Road seeking to capitalize on the shortage of fuel in the aftermath of the Mao incident in the entire state.

A local trader yesterday sold his stock of petrol at Rs.60 per litre to the public with 5 litres each an individual, attracting vast number customers.

Many of them even brave the intermittent shower that jolts the district to receive their share.

Though his entire stock was sold-off that day itself, the trader said a fresh stock will arrive from Mizoram on Thursday and that he will follow the same procedure to reach out to the public.

Some other traders, mainly in the locality of New Lamka and its adjoining areas fixed a ceiling of 1 or 2 litres per head.

Some however discreetly manages to escape the armed group's diktat and fixed their own prices.