Prices of goods fixed
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 10 2010: Prices of essential commodities have been fixed after a joint meeting between AMSU volunteers and the Bazar community today.

Speaking to the media today, AMSU general secretary Md Alamgir said that AMSU launched a drive against price hike since May 8 as prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed following the prolonged economic blockade.

The prices fixed today are wholesale rates.

Retailers may increase these prices by 10 pct.

The prices fixed by AMSU together with Bazar community stand as follows; Super Fine rice Rs 850 per 50 Kgs, Parmal rice Rs 1050 per 50 Kgs, potato Rs 10/kg, onion Rs 15/kg, garlic Rs 50-55/kg, sugar Rs 34/kg, sagol hawai Rs 55/kg, mussori Rs 55/kg, mangal kangtak Rs 25/kg, mangal mapum Rs 22/kg, chana (small) Rs 35/kg, chana (big) Rs 35/kg, nunghawai Rs 30/kg and mairongbi Rs 70/kg.