Muivah has staged his last pol gimmick : NNC
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 02 2010: Stating that towards the end of all actions, good or bad in one's life, all things come to a retiring end, Naga National Council (NNC) has observed that 'Th Muivah's latest and perhaps the last political gimmick has come in the form of proposed visit to his village Somdal, by taking advantage of the occasion of a new political activity in Manipur'.

In a statement issued by its joint secretary I Toshi, NCC said that in order to hood-wink the Nagas, Muivah commended NNC and its pioneering leaders at Viswema village.

But NNC is not impressed and does not require a certificate from him.

''NNC is not a garment which you can put on when you want and take off when you don't require", the statement said.

NNC further observed that the coming of Th Muivah in the Naga National scene is very unfortunate for the Nagas, rather a curse going by his track records.

''Politically Muivah is a traitor and a criminal of the first degree.

Barring his over stay among the innocent villagers in Viswema where he is stationed on the excuse of an overnight halt, Muivah's criminal activities are recorded in most villages in Nagaland and for the same he is not welcomed even in his own village Somdal'', the statement said.

Denouncing Muivah as a traitor, the NNC statement said that Muivah formed the so-called National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) now Nagalim in 1980 by betraying the Naga National Council (NNC) and the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) who graciously accommodated and nursed him politically.

On formation of NSCN, Th Muivah condemned NNC and FGN to the extent possible.

Worst of all, he is attempting to change the hard earned historical landmarks of the Nagas, such as Nagaland into "Nagalim", 22nd March Naga Republic Day to 21st.March, and celebrating 13th August as Naga Independence day in the middle of 1990s, only to revert back to 14th August after some years, the statement said.

NCC alleged that to the Naga public, Muivah talks of sovereignty but to India he is negotiating for federation with India under its constitution.

Nagas cannot be fooled to accept that Nagaland as a federating unit with India is sovereignty.

Nagas are quite clear that you cannot park Naga sovereignty as you park your car and drive away at will.

In crime, Th Muivah is the harbinger of death, suffering and misery to the Nagas, wherever he goes since 1980s.Muivah has killed many national leaders, patriots and many simple Naga folks.

Besides, robberies, extortions, threats and intimidations are the order of the day.

These activities of Muivah and his gang have antagonized our neighbours, as the case in point with Manipur at present.

Manipur was not confused with the Indo-Naga problem when the cease-fire of 1964 was implemented covering all Naga areas.

And it should not be confused even today when it comes to Indo-Naga problem, NCC said.

The Naga National unity under the banner of the historic declaration of Naga Independence, a sovereign Nation on 14 August, 1947, which was resoundingly confirmed and sealed by the plebiscite of the 16th May, 1951 by the Nagas.

These historic National landmarks of the Nagas were achieved under the aegis of the NNC.

And thereby the mandate is solidly entrusted with the NNC.

For the Naga National Council is, the embodiment of the Naga polity existing as the supreme national institution, where every Naga is a bonafide member of the NNC; unless one chooses not to.

Thus, in upholding the national stand it is NNC which is competent to conclude a just peace as well as to declare war in defence of Naga sovereignty if compelled, NCC asserted.