Hazi Park running loss due to economic blockade
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Dimapur, May 30 2010: Traders in Hazi Park have been running loss for more than a month.

The economic blockade in Manipur has almost brought business in Hazi Park to a halt.

For more than a month now, 'Burma' goods from Manipur have not reached the market and businessmen are incurring heavy loses.

Morung Express has reported that 'Burma' or 'Moreh' goods dominate Hazi Park and there are more than 200 wholesale dealers in the market.

Burma goods mainly comprise of cosmetics, footwear, crockery, electronic and processed food.

Everyday dozens of vehicles loaded with goods arrive in the market.

Businesses are carried out mainly by Manipuri and Mao women who buy goods from Moreh- a place bordering Manipur- and sell it to other areas of Manipur and Nagaland.

Some of these goods are sent to Shillong and neighbouring Assam as well.

Though Kohima is closer, most goods are brought to Dimapur because market is bigger and better here.

Everyday hundreds of people visit the market including those from outstation.

Businessmen from other district buy goods from Hazi Park as the prices are low compared to Kohima.

But with the blockade on, the market is experiencing lull.

According to an estimate made by some businessmen, the market is suffering losses running into several lakh rupees daily.

The little goods sold in the market these days are those coming from Delhi.

However, the shopkeepers said that the goods, which are mainly counterfeit Chinese goods from Palika Bazar and Chandini Chowk in Delhi, have few buyers.

"People prefer Burma goods," a shopkeeper said.

He said that cosmetics, food and electronic goods are the most popular items, and not having stock a big loss for them.

"In a day I used to sell at least five to six racquets for killing insects," the shopkeeper said.

Traders, though, are not likely to get respite soon as lifting the economic blockade remains uncertain.

Meantime, traders can only hope they can sustain their businesses till things return to normal.