UNC engage State Govt to verbal duel
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 30 2010: Reacting to the statement made by SPF Govt spokesman, N Biren and which was published in the State dailies today, the United Naga Council has asserted that this has once again highlighted the immaturity of the Government of Manipur under O Ibobi.

In a statement issued by the Publicity Wing of UNC, the apex body of the Nagas in Manipur scoffed at the assurance given by Biren that the Government of Manipur will provide foolproof security to the non-Manipuris.

Citing the May 6 incident at Mao, in which two young students were killed in police firing as well as the injuries inflicted on many others, UNC questioned the whether the assurance of foolproof security extends to the people whom the Government of Manipur claims as its people, particularly the Nagas.

The Mao Gate incident is enough indication that fool-proof security promised by the Government does not extend to the Nagas.

UNC further claimed that until the arrival of the IRB and police commandos, Naga areas were peaceful.

Taking a dig at the statement of Biren that "No community or race in this planet would remain a silent spectator when their very peaceful co-existence had been disturbed," UNC said that as the Government of Manipur has broken the peace in Naga areas and continues to use all the resources at its disposal to undo the peace that the Nagas have fought for, Nagas cannot remain mere spectators.

Accusing the Government of Manipur of being communal, UNC questioned, how the Govt spokesman off handedly dismissed the death of two students as something 'so unfortunate' .

UNC advised Biren that an event is 'unfortunate' when it is beyond one's control and justified it by asserting that the May 6 incident at Mao Gate was a result of the expressed instructions from the Government of Manipur.

If the same incident had occurred in Imphal or the valley areas, all the Ministers, including the Chief Minister would have rushed to the spot and met the family members and the local people to understand their sentiments, charged UNC.

Instead, the Government has been spreading false propaganda, it asserted.

Casting doubt on the political sincerity and will of the State Government, the UNC asked what the Chief Minister has done, when one of his Cabinet Ministers, K Ranjit shot at the Advocate General of the State, N Koteshwar.

UNC questioned whether an inquiry was constituted to probe the matter or not Forget about the rule of law, did the Government even attempt it, asked UNC and added that under these circumstances, how can it be taken at face value, the assurance of the Government that action against those personnel found guilty will be take under the law of the land.

"If found guilty" being the being the catch phrase of the Government as well as given the series of injustice meted out to the Nagas and the fact that the Government of Manipur was complicit in the May 6 incident at Mao Gate, the UNC is under no illusion that justice will be done, it added.

UNC also casts aspersions on the IFCD Minister accusing him of siphoning off funds meant for the development of the hills.

On the statement that the problem is between Muivah and the people of Manipur, UNC asked whether it also includes the Naga people.

If the Nagas are included in 'the people of Manipur', then it is wrong for the Nagas are keen and have resolved to have Muivah among their midst.

Not respecting the sentiments and aspirations of the Nagas amount to playing the communal card, it charged further.

When any finger of accusation is pointed at Muivah, then it amounts to pointing that finger to all the Nagas, said UNC and added that the Naga people have given their mandate to Muivah as their leader.

Appeasement of the majority community, which was demonstrated in the May 6 incident at Mao Gate, is living proof of the agenda of the Government of Manipur, it added.