Many still prefer NH 53 to NH 39
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network

Imphal, June 29 2010: Speakers at the one-day seminar on the problems faced by transporters on national highways leading to Manipur, have advocated to have more attention on the National Highway 53 by the authorities concerned.

The speakers also advocated that adequate compensations of vehicles burnt or damaged by agitators be given and also that the Union government should initiate a concrete step and assured the transporters in white-paper that the NH-39 be extortion free and harassment free highway.

Unless these conditions are fulfilled, transporters are determined not to use the NH-39 again for good.

The seminar organised by the United Committee, Manipur (UCM) at Manipur State Guest House on Tuesday had an indept study and deliberation by participants.

RK Ranendrajit, UCM president Yumnamcha Dilip and IPSA president Ibotombi at a workshop on NH 53 and 39

The participants were from civil society leaders, student leaders, government officials and social thinkers of the state.

The transporters detailed their ordeals of plying along the National Highway-39 both in Manipur and Nagaland sectors.

This seminar came at the backdrop of the just concluded blockade on the National Highway 39 and NH-53 imposed by the Naga students against the polls under the present District Council Act.

Speakers like R.K Ranendrajit and UCM president Dilip Yumnamcha blamed the Government of India for all the farce in the region.

R.K Ranendrajit, a prominent social activist and former Freedom daily editor said the the intention of the government of India has been to bring ethnic based turmoil in the North East region.

He cited the recent Th.Muivah's proposed visit to Manipur saying that New Delhi's intention of granting permission intitially to the NSCN-IM leader was to create social unrest among communities.

"However, the game plan of Delhi failed," said Ranendrajit.

He also said that underground organisations having ceasfire with the government of India are openly extorting money from the transporters but New Delhi remain a silent spector.

"The government of India is waiting for the civil war among the people in the region," accused R K Ranendrajit.

UCM president Dilip Yumnamcha echoed R K Ranendrajit's line and said that the government of India's plan has been to create problem among the ethnic flare up in the region and "once the ethnicities crops up it becomes easier for New Delhi to deal us as by the time we are a weak people" .

Dilip Yumnamcha then cautioned that the state government decision of the handing over of the NH-53 charge to the state PWD from the Border Road Organisation (BRO) should be studied well first before implementing it by the government.

He said for the round the clock and year maintenance, the BRTF or BRO may suit better than the state government.

"The state government may be capable of constructing a well built bridges and roads but after the construction works are done, the bridges and roads are left for no one to be looke thereafter," said Dilip Yumnamcha.

He however, suggested that if the state PWD is determined take charge of the NH-53, minute and detailed calculation are needed.