3 'rogue tankers' seized from CCpur
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 28, 2010: After 36 oil tankers that were 'missing' for more than one month have been seized, Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Y Erabot managed to seize three more missing oil tankers with the help of the police from Churachandpur yesterday.

Y Erabot has categorically stated that he has taken up the onus of finding out the missing oil tankers in the interest of the public who are suffering from shortage of fuel as the IOC has not done its duty.

The registration number of the three oil tankers that where seized after a hot chase yesterday are MN01/7029, MN01/6656 and MZ-0IE/6373.The first two are diesel carriers but the content were sold off in the black market while the third oil tanker is a petrol carrier and was found intact with its load.

All the three oil tankers have been kept under the custody of Churachandpur police station for further investigation.

As for the drivers, Minister Erabot had given instruction to the police for releasing them so that they can go along with necessary Challan (receipt) and report to the officials of the Department.

Following a tip off that oil tanker MN01/6656 was unloading the content for selling in black market at Churachandpur Auto Parking yesterday morning, Minister Erabot rushed to the spot at once.

The oil tanker was driving by one Prakash Powdel of Charhajare and the owner has been identified as one Puia of Molvaiphei in Churachandpur.

The oil tanker is doing service under one contractor identified as Tulshi Powdel.

During the course of further investigation, the Minister also came across the oil tanker MZ-0IE/6373 at Rengkai while trying to unload petrol and it was seized immediately.

The oil tanker, however, did not have any Challan.

The oil tankers, MN01/6656 and MN01/1729 were seized near Nambol police station after all the police stations were alerted.

The two oil tankers did not stop when one of the personnel on sentry duty at Churachandpur police station halt them at around 3.30 am today.

At the time of the seizure, oil tanker MN01/7029 was being driven by one Lakshman Gurung of Kanglatongbi.

It also belongs to Puia of Molvaiphei.

According to the statements given by two drivers who were in the custody of Churachandpur police station, both of them have lifted 12 KL of diesel from Tinsukia in April last and distributed the content in the oil pumps of Sekmai and Bishnupur and they have come to Churachandpur at the behest of their oil tanker owners.

However, both of them could not produce any of the relevant Challan.

Whether the oil had been supplied in the oil pumps or not can be known only from the Challans, the arrested drivers were subsequently released for bringing the Challans while the oil tankers were taken into custody for further investigation.

In connection with the seizure of the three 'missing' oil tankers, Minister Erabot has stated that he has taken up the onus of tracing the missing oil tankers with the help of the police as the OIC has not done its duty.

The Minister added that he would continue to look for the missing oil tankers in the interest of the people.

These trucks have gone hiding after their contents have been sold off in the black market.