Many decry killing, demand stringent action
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 28: Several student and civil society organisations have condemned the killing of Muheni Martin and Hriini Hubert in the strongest term and called upon all concerned to ensure the culprit/s do not go unpunished.

Skeletal remains of the two Don Bosco, Senapati students were found close to the district headquarters yesterday.

Whereabouts of the two had remained unknown since they were kidnapped for ransom on December 14 afternoon.

While some alleged laxity of the State Government as the chief factor for the cruel murder of the two school children, others opined that alarming frequency of innocent children being targeted by anti-social elements needs to be rooted out completely from the society through concerted effort of all citizens.

The bodies conveying deep condolence to grievances of the victims' family members and condemning the barbaric act for the sake of money include Mao Students' Union (Imphal), Mao Naga Women Welfare Association, Manipur Peace and Integrity Council, Kabui Mothers' Association, Women Action for Development (Nongmeibung), All Manipur Students' Union, Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur, All Manipur Nupi Marup and North Imphal United Clubs and Meira Paibees Organisation.

Denouncing the inhumane act, Women Action For development described the killing as cowardly and savage while expressing serious concern that women and children have to endure cruelty perpetrated by disruptive elements.

Recalling that some underground organisations had claimed to have taken into custody some individuals allegedly involved in the kidnapping case, the body questioned motive behind the stoic silence of these outfits.

Ostracising the police department for its failure to solve the case despite claiming of arresting/detaining suspects, WAD cautioned that if such lenient approach persists more brutal killings would take place.

Kabui Mothers' Association (KAMA) condemning the merciless murder of the two innocent children said "The Government of Manipur and the criminal as well as the NSCN (IM), who reportedly arrested the culprits, are equally responsible for the events leading to such tragedy".

Recalling the Lungnila Elizabeth case wherein the NSCN (IM) had arrested the kingpin James Kuki only to be released from Camp Hebron on parole, KAMA said that rather than punish the guilty, son of james Kuki was honoured by christening the newborn 'Hebron'.

The Association deplores the carefree behaviours of the kidnappers and appeal to 'well paid' Government servants and Ministers including police to take up new steps to contain such crime in the near future, said a KAMA release.

Manipur Peace & Integrity Council regretted that despite appeals and rallies demanding safe and early release of Muheni martin and Hriini Hubert the criminal minded individuals failed to understand sentiment of the general public.

Taking note of some UG groups claiming to have had certain suspects in their custody, the Council demanded that these armed groups declare their position on the case.

Lamenting that manipuri society as a whole could not save the precious lives of the two, AMSU urged all responsible citizens to wake up so that future of the society could be prevented from falling prey to anti-social elements.

besides denouncing the act of cruelty, DESAM took grim note that Manipuri society is today beseeched between continued onslaught of anti-social elements on one hand and inefficiency of State machinery as well as the public.

DESAM deplored that from the case of Deepak Jain to Lungnila Elizabeth to the latest victim duo of Muheni and Hubert, as well as the recent gruesome murder of Chinglenkhomba Manipuri society is enduring undesired consequences.

Exhorting all concerned to stand up and fight against those elements who are continuously targeting student community, DESAM said it could never remain silent when innocent persons particularly students are endangered.

Recent cases of Akoijam Mahesh whose earring was snatched, and that of sukham Akash who was injured when an unidentified reportedly drew blood by using a syringe were reminded by the student body to drive home the point that concerted effort from all section of the society is urgently required to safeguard the future pillar of the society.

Meawnhile, Maram Students' Union has condoled the murder of Hubert and Martin while castigating the act of murdering the innocent kids.

The student body also regretted its failure to save the kids.