UCM to launch civil disobedience movement
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, September 22: The United Committee Manipur, UCM president Sapamcha Jadumani today announced that a civil disobedience movement will begin anytime as the centre has failed to respond the grievances of the people of Manipur regarding the harassment, torture, extortion, molestation and rape on the national highways by some underground organizations and miscreants.

Announcing this during a press conference today the UCM President however did not reveal the strategies to be adopted.

Even if the UCM members discuss the matter will central leaders the UCM will not call off the boycott call of NH-39 until the assurances are translated into actions.

The talks will be held only with the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee or the Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani.

The UCM team will go to Delhi only after the appointment is given.

The CM O Ibobi yesterday invited UCM to take part in the all political parties delegation which would be sent to Delhi to discuss the matter.

The UCM informed the CM that UCM will participate in the talks and five members of the UCM will go.

However, they will go only when the date for the meeting is fixed.

The president also appealed to the CM to defer the move to send vehicles through Nagaland till a final solution is brought about.

The UCM condemned the way the all-party delegation has been sent to Delhi.

The idea was mooted by UCM and the agitation is launched on behalf of the people by UCM but UCM has been asked to simply join the all party delegation rather than making it a constituent.

Memoranda had been submitted to the PM, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in-charge NE Arun Shourie, Manipur Governor, Nagaland Governor, Manipur CM but except the Manipur CM none have responded.

The Indian government has failed to protect its citizens.

It does not even care to respond to the SOS sent by the UCM even after 14 days.

The president said the people are not given room to call themselves as Indian.

As the Centre does not care anything about the people of Manipur the people start looking for other alternatives and in that case the centre comes down heavily on them calling them anti-national elements.

The Manipur government has no political will to improve the condition of NH 53, he charged.

The BRTF has the money to take up the works but the centre and the state governments have failed to provide security.

Delaying tactics are not acceptable, he added.

Why are the central leaders silent even when the memoranda were submitted innumerable times, he questioned.

The failure to reply clearly expose the step motherly treatment meted out to the people of Manipur, UCM pointed out.

UCM Vice-president, General Secretary, Advisor and many others were also present.

They pointed out they understand that people are suffering but a struggle has to be launched until a permanent solution is brought about.

Some vehicles are moving on NH-53 but the bridges may break anytime and the road is in a deplorable condition.

The government is allowing some organizations in the name of ceasefire when they loot, extort, harass and torture people.

The UCM has received information that those militants who have been extorting money have now shifted towards NH 53 and have decided to extort and loot on a massive scale on NH-53, they said.

We cannot take risk now.

What will happen if similar incident breaks out, they questioned.