CM rues intervention on projects
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 22: It has practically become very difficult and almost impossible to implement the various projects and programmes in the State due to presence of numerous organizations, said Chief Minister O Ibobi at the afternoon session of the House while replying to a calling attention motion raised by Keishamthong A/C MLA L Ibomcha and Thangmeiband kendra MLA M Bhorot in connection with the 45 day economic blockade imposed by the Movement for Tribal People's Right Manipur on the two National Highways.

The CM opined that considering the number of organizations in the State Manipur must be having the highest number of organizations in India.

He also stated that due to the presence of the organizations the Govt has.

not been able to fulfill the wishes of all as interest of some of them contradicted and added that had there been only one apex organization the Govt would have been able to solve all the major problems through negotiations as there would not be a second party to oppose the development.

It is a common practice to impose 72 or 48 hour economic blockade in a democratic country but imposing a 45 day blockade at a stretch without any reprieve is against all norms, observed the CM.

Commenting on the ongoing economic blockade, the Chief Minister informed that despite signing the MoU between the Centre and the State for filling up the vacant post of teachers in hill districts the State Govt have not been able to implement the MoU on account of the unsound financial condition.

He further disclosed that Govt has not been able to implement the MoU as a case has been filed in the court with regard to the transfer of 120 Arts and Science teachers and added that his Govt is contemplating on transferring the male and female teacher based in the valley to the hills and remote valley areas respectively.

Commenting on some of the teacher/students ratio in some valley schools, the CM informed that Tombisana High School has a student strength of about 18/19 with about 13/14 teachers while the Khoyathong High School and Adimjati High School have very few students with a large teaching staff.

Moreover, the Primary school located at Majorkhul does not have even a single student but has about 3/4 teaching staffs.

Elaborating on the posting of doctors in the hills, the CM informed that about 30/40 doctors have already been posted in the hill districts to look after the health of the villagers in the remote areas.

He further informed that efforts are on to send more doctors in the hill districts as people at Imphal have two big hospital to tend to their needs.

Highlighting on the Tribal Sub-Plan, the CM said that all funds are being released according to their priorities and there is no question of siphoning off of funds.

Reservation policy is also being implemented in the same manner without any hiccups, added the Chief Minister.

He also said that a probe would be conducted very soon to demand of countersign by the School Education Directorate while releasing the bills, and added that a separate School Education Directorate for the hill districts would not be established but would be continued as before under the Hills Additional Director.

Commenting on the demand of the major tribes for providing equal time for airing their programmes at the DDK and AIR, the CM asserted that the Govt would not be able to allot time for all the tribes as there are about 28 major tribes in the State and added that the Govt would try to accommodate as much tribes as possible.

He however said that the Govt has very little to say concerning DDK and AIR as they are not under the State Govt.Chief Minister O Ibobi also appealed to the MTPRM members to revoke its decision in the larger interest of the people of the State.