Centre trying people's patience : UCM
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 22 2010: NSCN (IM) general secretary, Thuingaleng Muivah is still at Vishema waiting for a convenient time for entering to Manipur, the United Committee Manipur (UCM) said urging the people to be alert.

President of the UCM, Yumnamcha Dilipkumar, speaking to a sit-in demonstration staged at Malom Awang Leikai, said that everybody need to be remained alert as Th Miuvah is trying to enter the state by any hook and kook.

He further said that the Union home minister, P Chidambaram is examining whether the people of Manipur had been slept by giving permission to Muivah to enter the state.

Despite, the spate of violence that occurred in the state when the GoI extended cease fire without territorial limit in June 2001 and burning down of many government offices including the state Legislative Assembly, still Th Muivah is dreaming of slicing parts of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to form Nagalim.

His effort is intended to continue.

Besides this, he is a looter, criminal for the people of the state.

He had killed many people in the state including the recent killing of SDO, Kasom Khullen, Dr Th Kishen and two kids from Senapati district.

The NSCN(IM) under his leadership is looting the people of the state by extorting money from the vehicles including good ferry trucks plying on the national highways.

If he attempted to enter the state where the cease fire between the NSCN (IM) and GoI not extended, he should be arrested and forces should be used if he attempted to enter forcibly.

UCM had appraised the Chief Minister to detail a battalion of IRB force at Mao gate permanently and fence the border with Nagaland, if necessary wall, he said.

Organisation secretary of UCM, JK Mangang speaking at the demonstration site stressed the need for strengthening the love bond among the different communities so that any challenges ahead of the people of the state could be fight united.

Now, time has come to show univocally that the view that keeps by the Union minister to the people of Manipur is not agreeable.

Many other leaders of the UCM and other women bodies also talked at the sit-in demonstration staged by displaying slogans like "Go back NSCN(IM) general secretary, long live Manipur, don't review the state government decision, Muivah cannot enter the state where there is no cease fire, don't compromise the territorial integrity of the state, etc.

Similar, sit-in demonstrations were also staged at Naharup Pangong by the womenfolk of both Meetei and Meetei Pangal.

Slogans against Muivah's plan to enter the state were shouted at the concluding part of the demonstrations.