UNC speaks in NSCN-IM's tongue
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 18 2010: The United Naga Council (UNC), of which president Samson Remei has evaded arrest for over two weeks now, has come out openly with its agenda that it would sever ties with the Government of Manipur and all the dominant organisations and individuals connected with the government, and that it would strive for achieving an honourable political settlement and for the integration of all Naga areas where the Nagas can live together as a people under one political roof.

Deviating from its earlier claimed stance against the Manipur (Hill Areas) Autonomous District Council Act 2008, the UNC has now made it very clear that what it has been imposing the 69-day old economic blockade on NH 39 and NH 53 in collaboration with ANSAM for is to support the demand of the NSCN-IM to form a greater Nagaland.

Proving what the people of Manipur have all along been saying true, the president, Samson Remei, who has been proclaimed as a "Wanted" offender by the Manipur Police Department, today announced in a press release that an emergency consultative meeting of Naga frontal organizations was held yesterday at Senapati, where the following declarations were made.

The declarations are: "1.The Naga People reiterating its consensus decision to reject the imposed ADC election 2010 under the rejected Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council, 3rd Amendment Act 2008 and declare the election as undemocratic and 'Null and Void'.

That under no circumstances the said Council will be allowed to exist and function.

.2The Naga frontal organizations reiterate their commitment to protect the rights and existence of the Nagas and that we shall initiate steps for the fulfillment of our objectives.

We will severe all relationship with the Manipur State Government and all the dominant organizations and individuals who collude with it, until our history and situation are acknowledged and accorded due respect.

We shall offer our all for the realization of an honourable political settlement and for the integration of all Naga areas whereby we will live as a people under one political roof, free from domination and exploitation.

.3The Consultation expresses serious concern on the war like situation prevailing in Naga areas due to the heavy deployment of Manipur state armed forces and reiterates its demand for withdrawal of Manipur State armed forces from Naga areas" .