Muivah arrives at Paren, accorded grand reception
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network

Dimapur, July 12 2010: NSCN-IM general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah has reached Peren district of Nagaland today after visiting almost all districts of Nagaland as part of his 'Good Will Mission'.

Reflecting the overwhelming spirit that has taken hold of the Zeliangrong people on the peace and reconciliation mission initiated by Th.Muivah a grand reception was accorded at Peren town.

Significantly, every Zeliangrong village starting from Medziphema to Peren town were waiting on the road with the welcome banner.

School children in uniform with flags in their hands lined up the roads as the entourage crossed one village after another.

Thuingaleng Muivah was so impressed at the manner of arrangement that look dignified in more than one way.

Muivah accorded warm reception by the Zeliangrong people at Peren in Nagaland on Monday

He commended that 'Peren is our last stop' under the ongoing reconciliation mission but it has turned out to be the best in every respect.

'It is inspiring to witness such beautiful reception and a huge turn out of the public' Muivah said.

Addressing the Zeliangrong public at Peren, Muivah said, "We cannot remain like this.

We have to understand each other.

If the Nagas failed this time we would be a lost people without hope.We must step forward to correct ourselves, leaving aside individual's interest, he added.

He also said that God knows what is best for the Nagas but if the Nagas cannot realize this there lies the problem and there is danger.

God gave eternal salvation to the Nagas and has solved our problem but if we are not serious of this there is problem".

Thuingaleng Muivah enlightens the Zeliangrong people that God gave the Nagas its land, history and rights.

"And not the Indians or Chinese or the people who gave the Nagas the land and history.

This is the most precious thing," he added.

With this he drives home the point that the foundation of the Naga nation is laid down by God.

Showing his respect to what Jadonang was for the Zeliangrong people he said that Jadonang knew that the British people are not the master of the Nagas, but master of themselves.

Muivah goes on to explain that Nagas are not created to be under the British or India 's control.

And the way Jadonang think is correct though he may not know God, Muivah said.

Recollecting those days he said that once upon a time Nagas were not a united force.There was constant fighting among the villages.

"Today we have the spirit and the feeling to fight for our right.

And this is our strength," Muivah said.

The NSCN-IM leader explained that Naga's future will be in danger if this is not realized.

"Jadonang and Phizo are gone but if we know our rights we can be the strongest nation.

And there will be no tomorrow or today for the Nagas," Thuingaleng Muivah added.

He keeps reminding that it was the right decision taken by the NNC at the right time that saved the Naga nation.

He thanks God for giving such wisdom to the NNC leaders.

Th.Muivah said that after the British left India the Mizo people, Khasis, Garos, Meiteis, Assamese and the people of Jammu and Kashmir were never able to take the right decision and today they are all under Indian union.

"But the Nagas took the right decision to stay separate from India as an independent nation.

NNC must have received inspiration from Jadonang," Muivah opined.

He narrated how the Nagas stood their ground for more than 60 years notwithstanding the fact that Nehru helplessly tried to finish the Nagas by military force but failed miserably.

"And he brought the point how India ultimately gave up use of military means to solve Naga problem,to initiate signing ceasefire with NSCN to kick off the peace process.If Nagas do the will of God He will always be there for us," he said.

Bringing back the glorious days of NNC Muivah said that NNC took two historical decision-to be their own master and to make Nagaland for Christ, and explain that this decision has guided the Nagas throughout.

The unfortunate story of Shillong Accord and how NSCN came into being to save the Naga nation was perspectively explained, Muivah stated.

The biggest achievement of Indo-Naga peace process which comes in the form of India giving recognition to unique history and situation of the Nagas in the the year 2002 on July 11 at Amsterdam, sdaid Muivah.

On reconciliation he said it should be brought about accepting that it is the will of God for the Nagas to forgive each other, and for political solution it should be based on Nagas' historical facts recognized by India .

He added that the interest of Phizo or NNC or Khaplang or Isak-Muivah should matters in this crucial decision.

But he made it a point to say that in the name of peace and reconciliation Nagas should not be misled.

There should be no confusion, he said.

Th Muivah fervently appealed to the Zeliangrong people to understand the step taken by NSCN and promised that NSCN will never betray the people.