36 hr blockade in Assam successful:JAC
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 09 2010: The Manipuri Apunba Lup, which is a part of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) has expressed its' heartfelt gratitude to each and every organizations and individuals who took active part in making the 36-hour blockade of trucks carrying essential goods and petroleum products into Nagaland along the National Highways 36 and 39 from the morning of June 8 till evening of June 9 .

Convener of the JAC and Manipuri Apunba Lup, Karbi Anglong, Assam, Thignam Chandrakumar said in a press release that the Lup wants to make special mention that owners and drivers of vehicles carrying goods into Nagaland along the national highways extended their cooperation due to which the blockade could be totally successful.

Having said that, it was the volunteers who enforced the blockade and made it successful because of their restraint, the press release said.

He said, all tribes of various communities like Karbi, Kuki, Assamese, tea tribe, Dimasa, Kachari, Bengali, Nepali, Muslims, Manipuri and Bishupriya Manipuri actively took part in the blockade.

They came out in large number willingly to enforce the blockade, the press release revealed.

The JAC wanted to show those Naga organizations sponsoring the blockade that how much hardship the people face during artificial blockade.

After experiencing such hardship, good sense shall prevail on the sponsors and they will lift the blockade immediately, the press release expressed confidence and adding that if not, the Committee and Lup shall be forced to call another blockade indefinitely.

The JAC and Lup are of the opinion that the Govt.of India shall be ashamed that it is unable to clear the blockade towards Manipur which is more than 55 days old.

It shows half-hearted attitude to the problems of the North Eastern part of the country.

It is no wonder that the Manipuris, like many other ethnic communities of the North East, feel alienated/divided.

It is because of the lack of initiative of the Govt.of India, at times of crisis like the present blockade sponsored by Naga organizations.

We demand that the Govt.of India should take whatever steps necessary to lift the blockade immediately.

Or else, the situation will get out of control and it may result in ethnic clashes with ugly history, the press release warned.