Blocking NH-39 is not the answer; AMUCO
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, October 06: Even as the boycott of NH-39 is on to protest the failure of the authority to provide adequate security along the route, the All Manipur United Clubs' Organization today said that imposing the blockade on the highway is not in the right direction and adopting such tactics will only mean playing into the divide and rule policy of the Government.

A statement issued by the publicity secretary of AMUCO today said that it is wrong to assume that the sufferings of the people will be cured by not taking the route passing through Nagaland.

Regarding the people of Nagaland as adversaries will only strengthen the divide and rule policy advocated by the oppressive regime, said AMUCO and added that the only solution is to defeat the designs of the regime who are hell bent on sowing the seeds of mutual distrust and hate amongst the people.

AMUCO also reminded all that the time calls for concerted efforts and no room should be given to drive a wedge between the people who are of the same stock and origin.

Lobbying with the Prime Minister and the President to provide adequate security along the highway will also not yield any positive outcome, said the statement and added that the situation calls for fighting the menace by taking the confidence of the people of different communities, living on the periphery of the highway.

A united effort to combat the highwaymen is the only effective means for the people.

To better the lot of the people of North East region, a united effort is the call of the hour said AMUCO and enunciated the principle of "Live Together," "Struggle together," and "Grow Together." The statement further said that the differences of ideas and Opinion between the different communities living in the North East region should be ironed out through discussion and dialogue.

Blocking the highway will only lead to the suffering of the people, added the AMUCO.

On the recent visit of the President, AMUCO said it was just another ploy to fool the people of Manipur with prepared texts.

During the last 53 years a number of Prime Ministers and Presidents have visited Manipur but other than the usual lip service nothing positive has been forthcoming while on the other hand the suffering and deprivation of the common people have increased manifold.

Ever since the British Raj, the divide and rule policy has been imposed on the people of Manipur and even today it is being imposed in a systematic manner to sow the seeds of hatred between the different communities.

Other than the economic hardships, the people of Manipur are today reeling under the impact of drugs, alcohol and HIV/AIDS, said the statement adding that the regime has not done anything to improve the lot of the people.

At such a critical juncture boycotting NH-39 and barring people from passing through Nagaland will only add to the miseries of the people, said AMUCO.