Muivah is a victim of self glorification : NSCN-K
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 06 2010: The Covenant of Reconciliation signed by Chairman SS Khaplang, Isak Chishi Swu, Brig.

Singya assures the Naga people that violence in any form among the signatories should be avoided so that in due course of time all political groups shall reconcile with each other in letter and spirit, giving themselves a chance to create a common platform to push for a final political settlement between the Nagas and the Government of India.

The forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) initiated and witnessed this historic covenant.

The Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP), GPRN/NSCN stated in a press release that it is most unfortunate to note that the Covenant of Naga Reconciliation which has, so far, been earnestly nurtured with great commitment by the FNR with fullest co-operation from all sections of Nagas, should be tested with such deplorable politics.

The signatures of SS Khaplang, Isak Chishi Swu and Brig.

Singya symbolises reconciliation and peace among the Nagas.

Covenant of Reconciliation also, inwardly, gave hope that Nagas and their neighbours would resolve all outstanding issues with maturity and wisdom.

The covenant did not anoint Th.Muivah or anyone to represent the Nagas and create social unrest in Manipur and Nagaland.

The seeds of misunderstanding sowed by adversaries between Nagas and their neighbors can neither be solved by one man's wishful thinking nor by the whims and fancies of Manipur Nagas or Manipur Government.

Multiple Naga organizations in Manipur state with active support from few financially enslaved civil society leaders in Nagaland state continue to provoke, taunt and threaten neighbours without the knowledge of even their own colleagues.

This is the symptom of a dying organization; a victim of self glorification, the press release pointed out.

It said that it is wrong on the part of Nagas of Manipur state to solely believe in the wisdom of Th Muivah and some Civil Society leaders from Nagaland, on the question of integration of Naga areas into Nagaland albeit with a little help from the Government of India.

It must be made clearly known that no amount of pressurizing Manipur Government, economic blockades or memorandums to GOI shall suffice.

The press release stated, "Look at the Autonomous District Council (ADC) elections in the Naga areas in Manipur.

On closer observation most of the unopposed winners are nephews and nieces of IM leaders.

It is not a mistake that in 2009, Tangkhul Naga Long pleaded with the GOI to make Ukhrul the summer capital of Manipur.

Let those spearheading the social unrest in Manipur state realize that Nagas of Nagaland state are not fools.

Beneath the fašade of Hohos and Hahas lies the general public who knows who is confusing them.

Those enjoying the benefits of two states i.e Manipur and Nagaland under the guise of National workers should not talk about the subject which is simply not theirs.

The press release further said that every one of the seventeen tribes inhabiting Nagaland state will have to be taken into confidence.

"A brother, who wants to come home, having lived with another family for hundreds of years, will possess different attitude and mannerisms.

If there is discord and disunity within Nagas of Nagaland today, Nagas must point their fingers to a band of suffering brothers who entered Nagaland during the early 1980's having chased out by their brethren from eastern Nagaland" .

"Today, tribes from Nagaland state questions as to why integration should precede political solution when it is within the parameter of political solution.

Justification of every misadventure, past and present, helps little to raise the confidence level.

Reconciliation, peace and unity of Nagas shall have all the answers which more than 65 rounds of talks between GOI and IM could not find.

"Nagas of Nagaland, today, are paralyzed because many frontal leaders have licked too much salt at the hands of others.

Rational views and positive criticism never finds space in their book.

GPRN/NSCN is clear that Naga political struggle against occupational forces has little to do with one man going to his village in another Indian state" .

"The Somdal bound group was sheltered by hospitable Angamis for a month and they are now performing another round of circus at Pfutsero in Chakhesang region.

Lest the Nagas forget, after the infamous Shillong Accord of 1975, having condemned A Z Phizo as traitor who destroyed the Nation, Th.Muivah on many occasions, declared that Angamis, Chakhesangs and Lunkhum Villagers in Ao Region would not be enrolled in the National service for three generations.

There are many NNC era living witnesses who recalls the unfortunate days.

Suddenly Nagas are hearing Th.Muivah singing paeans to AZ Phizo and other NNC leaders" .

The press release of NSCN-K said that the destructive pamphlets authored by him accusing AZ Phizo and NNC will, however, have the original contents.

For more than a month, Nagas of Manipur have suffered much for wrong politics.

Mobilizing Nagas at Mao gate on 5th May and the aftermath is a picture of horrendous political miscalculation.

Nagas of Manipur have gained little from the economic blockade.

It has only hardened the stand of neighbours.

The massacre of two boys by Indian paramilitary forces has not rewarded anyone.

This approach is flawed from the very conception.

Some miscreants are reportedly being paid to create trouble in Dimapur by targeting Manipur bound vehicles.

When neighbours are setting their houses on fire deliberately, it is foolish for anyone to follow suit.

Should emotional distance between Nagas of Nagaland and Nagas of Manipur widen through recent brouhaha, Mr Th Muivah along with few Naga civil society leaders under his payroll, allowed it to deteriorate, the NSCN-K asserted.