NSCN (K) ridicules IM's clarification
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 04: Dismissing denial by the NSCN (IM) that it is not involved in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Muheni Martin and Hriini Hubert, the rival NSCN (K) has claimed of unearthing evidences that clearly suggest role of IM activists in the ghastly episode.

Recalling that failure of the IM leaders to crack the case for over 100 days despite asserting on December 17 that the culprit/s would be produced within 10 days of kidnapping of the boys is a clear indication of IM's lack of commitment to the people's aspiration and sentiment, publicity and information secretary incharge of the NSCN (K) Zeliangrong Region reminded the rival faction that the kids' skeletal remains were recovered from Senapati considered to be one of IM's stronghold.

Moreover, due to intense investigation by the NSCN (K) the public were made aware regarding involvement of IM cadres and sympathisers in the case, the secretary ridiculed contention of the IM that cited 'Meitei sources' behind the revelation.

Dragging in 'meitei' is merely an attempt to paint the issue with communal tone as a cover up exercise of the IM leaders to keep under wrap its misadventure, he observed while speaking to newspersons somewhere in Senapati district today.

Reacting to news report wherein an important IM functionary (kilonser) expressed that NSCN (K) activists might be behind the murder of martin and Hubert, the secretary described the speculation as not only figment of imagination but yet another facet of IM leaders' clamour for wealth by patronising kidnapping of innocent children for ransom.

demanding proof from the IM group regarding aspersion cast against the NSCN (K) organisation, he affirmed that in case such wild allegation could be substantiated there would be neither delay in producing the guilty nor laxity in initiating befitting punishment.

In addition to slamming the IM leaders as liars with particular reference to only three suspects currently held in IM's custody contrary to previous declaration of four individuals detained in the IM camp, he also made a startling revelation that two prime accuse in the case had already been eliminated by the NSCN (IM) to prevent the duo from exposing the whole truth.

Identifying the slain persons as Adai secretary to a Zeliangrong Region's CAO of the NSCN (IM) and Theimi said to be a close associate (officer) of a top kilonser, the secretary asked the IM group to proof him guilty by producing Adai and Theimi.

From Muivah to caretaker (chowkidar) of Hebron all IM functionaries and cadres are morally responsible for the unfortunate demises of Muheni Martin and Hriini Hubert, he maintained.

Appreciating swift and prompt action of the RPF/PLA in executing Bungthoi as punishment for the brutal murder of Chinglenkhomba recently, the secretary opined that had the NSCN (IM) resorted to such 'instant justice' when the Lungnila Elizabeth incident took place the cruel fate befallen upon the two innocent Senapati kids could have been averted.

maintaining that culture of kidnapping/abduction for ransom in the North Eastern region was introduced and continuously pursued by the IM group, he also charged the rival faction of demeaning value of media by feeding confusing information on the ongoing peace talks that had consumed nearly ten years without any substantive breakthrough.

Referring to recent report of the IM regarding one Manikho abducting the kids and handing them over to another person called brown only to retract that Brown is not involved in the case, followed by the same outfit informing that brown had fled from Hebron, the secretary construed that such flummoxing stance adopted by the IM leaders is to save a Tangkhul individual (Brown) by sacrificing Manikho.

Insistence of the NSCN (IM) that the real culprit/s would be produced within seven days is yet another attempt to pacify the people from sustaining the ongoing agitation as such a mass movement would be detrimental to aspiration and agenda of the IM, he observed.

Alleging the NSCN (IM) of being dominated by communal elements, he pointed out information fed by the rival group of the two boys being reportedly seen in Tamenglong district contrary to which their remains were found close to Senapati district headquarters as another glaring example of the NSCN (IM) trying to create enmity between the people of Tamenglong and Senapati.

Drawing comparison with the boys' murder to the Lungnila Elizabeth case wherein prime accused James Kuki was released from Hebron on parole, the secretary reiterated NSCN (K)'s allegation of the IM group receiving substantial amount from the ransom money.

Regarding the NSCN (IM) contention that a former manipur Police commando personnel who later joined UNLF organisation is being detained in connection with the Lungnila Elizabeth case, the NSCN (K) prevailed upon the rival group to identify the said individual for public knowledge.

Conveying of an individual named Nando of the KCP being detained in connection with the Lungnila Elizabeth case and questioning motive of dragging the UNLF, the secretary asked the NSCN (IM) to stop misleading the general public by contending that its (IM) investigation on the Lungnila case is being impeded due to non-compliance by the Manipur Government for handing over the jailed individual.

Doubting NSCN (IM)'s ethos, he questioned why leaders of the IM group had declined intimation of the CBI to interrogate James Kuki.

Moreover, after freeing James Kuki the same individual is being utilised to black-mail prominent politicians of manipur, he alleged.