Repeal of black laws, mutual respect much: Valley Rose
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, April 04: Valley Rose, the candidate for Outer Manipur PC of Naga National Party today said though she did not want to join politics.

She has been compelled to jump into the fray by the rampant killings and harassment meted out to the people.

Speaking during the meet the candidate programme organized by the Editors Forum today at the DIPR she said.

She joined politics in 1997 and contested the 1989 and 1996 Lok Sabha elections.

Earlier she contested as Janata Dal and Samata Party candidates.

The Armed Forces Powers Act 1958 and Disturbed Area Act are extremely harmful to the people of Manipur and they have brought hardships to the people she further said.

She worked hard to form a Women Commission in Manipur she pointed out.

She stands for the empowerment of women she said.

The conditions of women have to be improved for overall growth she said.

The government should initiate talks with all the insurgent groups without any conditions she said commenting on the present scenario.

She will fight to stop the killings and atrocities in Manipur she said.

She will work for the people of the hills and the plain if she is elected she further said.

She stressed the need of making the people of the hills and the plain develop.

All ethnic groups and communities have their identities and we should respect their identities she said.

When there is mutual respect there will be peace she said.

She said she will work to repeal the black laws and strive her best to work for the people of Manipur.